18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.pitneyPitney Bowes Inc.View


The new .pitney gTLD will operate as a restricted registry, in which Pitney Bowes Inc.(Pitney Bowes)can create and control domain spaces that promote its brand identity and authenticity. In this regard, the .pitney gTLD will be used by Pitney Bowes to provide information, services and resources to consumers in a way that promotes trust, innovation and customer engagement. The .pitney gTLD will provide an authoritative internet space for Pitney Bowes, its affiliates and partners that are associated with the brand. Second and third level domains can then be utilised for personalised marketing purposes, with internet users assured of brand authenticity.

Pitney Bowes, established in 1920, is a leader in customer communications management, providing customer engagement solutions, business insight solutions, workflow management solutions and mail solutions. Headquartered in Connecticut, US, Pitney Bowes has over 33,000 employees and is located in more than 100 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With 83 acquisitions in recent years, Pitney Bowes generated revenue of about USD5.4 billion in 2010. Pitney Bowes is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a member of the S & P 500. Long known for making its customers more productive with its equipment, software and services, Pitney Bowes has been recognised by many organisations and publications for its achievements in areas such as software innovation and supplier diversity. These achievements include being ranked by Software Magazine as part of Software 500 in 2006 and 2007 and by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals as part of the Top 100 Global Outsourcing Services Providers in 2007 and 2008. Pitney Bowes aims to help businesses grow by helping them understand their customers better and build more personalised connections with them. This is achieved by providing a full range of leading edge customer communication solutions, from customer analytics through personalised digital delivery, for organisations of all sizes. In this regard, continuous innovation and customer trust are paramount considerations in all of Pitney Bowes’ activities.

Business activities are increasingly conducted over the internet, allowing for greater levels of interaction between businesses and customers. As a result, both businesses and end users benefit from ease of interaction and a wider range of choices with lower transaction costs. However, the development in this arena in the current domain name system has exposed both businesses and consumers to increased criminal activities over the internet, including data breach, hacking and phishing. These sophisticated criminal activities cause reputational damage to businesses as internet users lose consumer confidence and trust with the businesses targeted by such criminal activities. The .pitney gTLD will facilitate greater trust and assurance from internet users connecting with Pitney Bowes online, whilst still allowing convenient and efficient interaction.

Pitney Bowes’s mission and purpose of the proposed new gTLD share ICANN’s initiatives to promote public interest. Pitney Bowes is committed to contributing towards achieving such initiatives in line with ICANN’s Affirmation of Commitments, which includes:

- consumer trust: the .pitney gTLD registry will be operated in a centralised manner with a restrictive registration policy. Registration of domain names will only be available to Pitney Bowes and its affiliate entities, at this stage, which will provide added consumer trust that .pitney domain names are trustworthy. As .pitney domain names are subject to registration standards, policies and procedures under Pitney Bowes’ control, this eliminates the possibility of malicious conduct within the .pitney domain space;

- competition: the proposed new gTLD is not intended to instigate competition and consumer choice at the level of registration of domain names among prospective registrants. Instead it is anticipated to contribute to ICANN’s initiatives to promote public interest through its operation focused on promoting consumer trust. Increased trust in the .pitney gTLD will drive existing and new top level domain (TLD) registry operators to make improvements in mechanisms to improve consumer trust of their TLDs; and

- consumer choice: the proposed new gTLD will enable user-driven improvements and innovations assisting Pitney Bowes’s marketing efforts through its ability to create new second and third level domain names on demand. These names will provide the consumers with more choices for interacting with Pitney Bowes. As Pitney Bowes has effective control over the registration and use of domain names under the .pitney domain space, this will also contribute towards general service innovations on the internet.

Given the restricted nature of the .pitney gTLD, the projected number of registration is likely to be limited. It is anticipated that about 100 domain names will be registered in the first year. However, over the next few years, the number of registrations is likely to increase to about 750 domain names as Pitney Bowes develops and implements new services and marketing campaigns.

As the new .pitney gTLD expands and evolves, Pitney Bowes may consider offering the use of second level domain names to its affiliates at a later date. In this endeavour, Pitney Bowes will continue to comply with all operational, technical and policy requirements, as well as maintaining consumer trust and the stability of the internet. Pitney Bowes will keep ICANN reasonably informed of any material developments relating to the .pitney gTLD including compliance with the continued operations instrument obligations as set out in Specification 8 of the Registry Agreement.

Pitney Bowes intends to create relevant domain names for uses including product, services or geographic names in the second or third level domain names. In accordance with registration policy and the proposed measures for protection of geographic names as outlined in response to Question 22, Pitney Bowes will use geographic names to localise its websites in the countries in which it operates, such as Canada, France and India. The use of geographic names is intended to:

- connect internet users with relevant information as applicable to the territory; and

- comply with required rules and regulations in the national territory.

Pitney Bowes does not intend to utilise Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) at the second level initially. However, as the use of the .pitney gTLD evolves, Pitney Bowes may utilise IDNs to allow internet users to engage with .pitney in their native language, creating a more positive user experience and encouraging diversity.

Pitney Bowes is a global brand with its “Pitney Bowes” trademark is registered in 99 countries and territories such as Australia, UK and US primarily for Machinery (Class 7); Software, (class9); Electrical and scientific apparatus (Class 9); and Paper goods and printed matter (Class 16).

Pitney Bowes has an extensive domain name profile containing the applied-for .pitney string in spaces including pitneybowes.asia, pitneybowes.eu and pitneybowes.us. Recently, Pitney Bowes was successful in securing sunrise application for the .xxx domain space based on existing trademark registration.

Pitney Bowes believes that the .pitney gTLD is unlikely to cause confusion with either a generic term or any existing TLDs. Pitney Bowes’ trademarks are a leading global brand with significant reputation around the world. Pitney Bowes is a well-established global brand and Pitney Bowes has used the terms Pitney Bowes and Pitney in conjunction with its communication services for over 90 years.

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