18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.kyotoAcademic Institution: Kyoto Jyoho GakuenView

The Kyoto Jyoho Gakuen, hereafter referred to by its school name, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, (KCGI) is proposing to run the “.kyoto” top-level domain for Kyoto, a geographical area once known as the old capital and historic center of Japan. A top-level domain for Kyoto will play an important function in expanding the Internet, fostering communications, improving commerce, and growing the online communities of Kyoto.

KCGI is a non-profit academic institute approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology established in 1963 as a professional graduate school for the Kyoto Computer Gakuin, the first private computer educational institute established in Japan. Since its founding, the school has placed a high value on education as a means to achieve social prosperity and happiness, resulting in a 50-year successful track record of achievements that are widely recognized within the Japanese educational community as well as by the National Government. The school also has extensive experience in providing support for computer-based learning opportunities for computer professionals in developing countries. Additional information about KCGI can be found at: http:⁄⁄en.kcg.edu⁄school_info⁄brief.html, and messages to KCGI from Dr. Susan Fuhrman, the President of Teachers College, Columbia University and Dr. Kathleen McCartney, the Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education can be found at the following links respectively:

 - http:⁄⁄kcg.edu⁄ceremony⁄32.html
 - http:⁄⁄kcg.edu⁄ceremony⁄33.html

KCGI has received full support for its application to operate and manage the “.kyoto” top-level domain from not only the Kyoto Prefectural Government but also the Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency (National Government), the President of Kyoto University (a very prestigious university, which turned out five Nobel laureates), President of Doshisha University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto Notre Dame University, and other well-known Universities in Japan. Additionally, KCGI has gained valued support from famous business organizations such as All Nippon Information Industry Association Federation (Also known as ANIA, which consists of 1600 ICT related companies all over Japan), among others.

A full list of supporters can be found at the following URL: http:⁄⁄www.kcg.ac.jp⁄endorsement_letter⁄

The above organizations are an honorable part of the Kyoto community, and their support demonstrates that KCGI’s proposal to manage and operate the “.kyoto” registry has been well received.

The mission and purpose of the “.kyoto” namespace is to create a high performance top-level domain registry that will foster global communications, improve international commerce, and expand the online communities of Kyoto.

KCGI has identified four objectives within its mission:

 1. Operate and maintain a safe, stable top-level domain registry while projecting exemplary operational standards for other geographic top-level domains.
 2. Play a role in improving the Kyoto brand on a local and international scale.
 3. Create a top-level domain which Kyoto residents and companies alike can be proud to own.
 4. Contribute to ideas of free competition, democratic administration, and technological edge.

1. Running a Safe, Stable TLD for Kyoto

KCGI will operate and maintain one of the safest, most stable top-level domain registries in the world while projecting exemplary operational standards for other geographic top-level domains.

KCGI envisions the ʺ.kyotoʺ namespace as becoming the global standard in safe, secure, and stable registry operations. In order to achieve this goal, KCGI has carefully examined current gTLD and ccTLD registry service providers in the marketplace and selected Neustar, Inc, (Neustar), a leading provider of registry services, to be the registry backend systems provider for “.kyoto”. In addition, KCGI has partnered with UrbanBrain Company, a gTLD consulting division of Interlink Co., Ltd., to provide policy related guidance, and Iron Mountain as its Registry Data Escrow provider.

KCGI believes that running the registry focused on security and stability is the foundation for building a platform to improve various aspects of the Kyoto brand (tourism, commerce, industry, culture, sports, and regional development) both locally within Japan and internationally. Working closely with its partners, KCGI will ensure that “.kyoto” is operated with the highest standards and industry best practices to create an exemplary model for other city TLDs in Japan and around the world.

The foundation of running a registry operation from a technical aspect should be grounded in long-term industry best practices using proven infrastructure and registry software. The “.kyoto” TLD will stand for stability and longevity with a mission to serve the community of Kyoto residents, individuals, businesses, organizations, and government bodies that choose to build an identity under the ʺ.kyotoʺ brand.

2. “.kyoto” as a Vital Role in Branding Kyoto

The “.kyoto” gTLD will play a vital role in improving the “Kyoto” brand on a local and international scale.

Implementing a creative approach to operating and marketing the “.kyoto” top-level domain will play a vital role in contributing to the utility, which the Internet, specifically the ʺ.kyotoʺ namespace, provides for the community on a local level, as well as improving the brand name for Kyoto on an international level. One of the first priorities will be to ensure that the registry is operational as soon as the TLD is delegated by ICANN.

Kyoto is a leading area in terms of technology. Through times of recession in Japan, Kyoto has always been able to thrive due to maintaining its culture of innovation and focus on quality. Kyoto fosters a culture of creativity and development both in business and academia. The “.kyoto” TLD will provide a new platform for local governments, business, organizations, and individuals to continue Kyotoʹs long tradition of sophistication, creativity, and innovation.

3 “.kyoto”: A Sense of Pride for Kyoto

KCGI envisions strengthening the Kyoto brand by prioritizing the allocation of names that are key to the public interest.

KCGI envisions strengthening the Kyoto brand by prioritizing the allocation of names that are key to the public interest. KCGI will work closely with the community in devising a schedule of key names for cities, districts, towns, and villages as well as prioritization of the allocation of such names. By doing so, KCGI will be able build a strong base of domain registrations that greatly benefit the community as well as show the usefulness of the TLD before opening the registry for general registrations. Additionally, KCGI will implement strict domain eligibility requirements and an acceptable use policy to ensure that registrations or content hosted on a “.kyoto” domain do not cause damage or harm to the Kyoto brand, and any such breaches of policy can be swiftly remedied.

4. Free Competition, Democratic Administration, and Technological Edge

The goal of “.kyoto” is to run a registry that benefits all parties in Kyoto. As such, KCGI proposes that customers who wish to register domain names will directly deal with ICANN accredited registrars who have signed an agreement to sell “.kyoto” names with KCGI, the registry operator. The Registry will create fair and non-discriminatory criteria for qualification to become a registrar. In this way the name space will play a role of incubation medium for new businesses with technological edges.

Registrars will be required execute an agreement with the registry operator and abide by its terms.

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