18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameDetail
.اتصالاتEmirates Telecommunications Corporation (trading as Etisalat)View

i. The TLD has been specifically designed to meet Etisalat’s requirements and facilitate its corporate mission. Mirroring ICANNʹs own goals of promoting consumer protection, security, stability, innovation, and rights protection, Etisalatʹs application for and desire to operate the TLD affirms its commitment to these areas and will ensure their execution. The domain will allow authorized parties to register the shortest, most intuitive, and most descriptive domain names possible while ensuring that the content on the screen matches the input language for the domain (negating the requirement to switch between various keyboards). Various business units under the Etisalat corporate aegis will have access to the most efficient web addresses and be united under the اتصالات brand umbrella. Consumers will be aware that corporate communications and websites are authorized by Etisalat - promoting their confidence in the brand and their protection from potentially harmful third parties.

ii. The TLD will be the first Arabic language TLD specifically designed to serve the needs of Etisalatʹs Arabic-language brand and business consumers, allowing both to grow and prosper unhindered in the digital landscape. It will provide unprecedented levels of technical service and serve as a platform for the expansion of Etisalat’s services and product offerings as well as boosting utility for Arabic-speaking internet users.

Additionally, the TLD will promote ICANN’s goals of promoting competition, consumer and business trust, consumer choice, security, and rights protection by:

- diversifying the ownership and control of gTLD registries
- introducing a gTLD registry owned and operated in the Middle East (an unprecedented evolution)
- introducing a gTLD registry with operations in a number of territories where the domain industry is heretofore undeveloped
- providing a zone where the significant number of brand users and affiliates can receive accurate information about Etisalat and its product offerings and services
- operating at the levels of technical security and stability required by ICANNʹs new gTLD program
- protecting Etisalat as a rights holder, creating a dedicated zone wherein complete brand protection and control is guaranteed - introducing more Arabic language into the Domain Name System both at the top and second levels Its use may include but is not limited to websites, emails, online applications, online transactions, social media, directories and any new usages of domain names.

iii. The TLD will allow web users to easily identify the Etisalat brand in the Arabic language unimpeded by artificial boundaries (such as generic or ccTLD endings) and linguistic compromise. The TLD will assist with the dissemination of information about Etisalat product offerings in the Arabic language, allowing internet users to become more familiar with the services offered and the various business units within the Etisalat brand universe. It will be a trusted zone functioning at the highest standards of technical and operational utility and security, and will assist in the promotion and adoption of IDN TLDs worldwide (a key goal of ICANN’s new gTLD program), providing millions of consumers web access entirely in their native language.

To this end, Etisalat has made provisions for marketing the TLD extensively by incorporating the use of the new TLD in its marketing materials, so as to promote potential user uptake and understanding.

iv. The TLD is open to registrations by authorized parties within the Arabic-speaking Etisalat universe. A global, top-down outreach initiative will ensure that authorized registrants and internet users alike are aware of the TLD. Although individual business units within the Etisalat organization may wish to adopt their own informative strategies corresponding specifically with their unique team or market preferences, the common denominator will remain uniting the Etisalat universe under one TLD.

v. Applicant in its capacity of a TLD registry operator will not be providing any special services for protecting privacy or confidential information of registrants or end-users apart from those required by applicable laws, policies, agreements or technical standards. Some registry services include as their integral part, protection of usersʹ confidential information.

Examples of such services are:
- SRS (protecting confidentiality of the EPP transfer authorisation codes)
- Dissemination of TLD zone files (protecting confidentiality of zone file FTP accounts credentials). All registry services, including those described above, will be provided in accordance with the ICANN requirements and specifications to the Registry Agreement. The data security measures adopted by the Applicant are described in detail in the answer to question 30 “Security Policyʺ.

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