18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.网店Global eCommerce TLD Asia LimitedView

According to alexa.com, a leading provider of free global web metrics, taobao.com, China’s largest online e-commerce site, overtook Amazon and Ebay in 2010 to become the world’s number one online shopping site in terms of unique visitors. What is perhaps even more surprising to many in the west is that the website is not very accessible to the rest of the world because it does not provide English language support.

This comes as no surprise considering that with over 500 million users online, China is already the country with the most Internet users by far; the United States is at a distant second, with less than half of that at about 245 million Internet users. In addition to the 1.3 billion population in mainland China, there are another 30 million Chinese in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, and over 40 million Chinese overseas. The Chinese market, fuelled by the continued development of China, is a global one.

Even though it is one of the world’s oldest languages, the interest around the world in the Chinese language has been nothing short of a renaissance. It is reported that millions of (non-Chinese) people around the world are learning Chinese and China is exporting 5,000 teachers every year. With the continuing rapid growth of the economy and e-commerce in China extending to Chinese communities around the world, there is strong potential for a new Chinese IDN gTLD focused in the e-commerce field.

The vision of the .网店 TLD is that the introduction of a dedicated Chinese IDN TLD provides a platform that facilitates trade and mutual benefit between Chinese shops and shoppers connecting with shops and shoppers around the globe.

The mission and purposes of the .网店 TLD are:

1. To develop the namespace into an open global platform for Chinese speaking shops and shoppers around the world;

2. To operate a secure, stable and trusted Chinese IDN gTLD with a reputation as a reliable online shopping destination on the Internet;

3. To bridge Chinese online shops and shoppers with the world and to open a window for global shops and shoppers into the Chinese Internet marketplace; and,

4. To serve the global Chinese language community, promote accessibility of the Internet to the majority of Chinese users whose primary spoken and written language is Chinese with a dedicated Chinese IDN gTLD for e-commerce activities.

Based on the broad but dedicated nature of the .网店 TLD, the Registry aspires to become the domain of choice for companies developing e-commerce services serving the Chinese language community.

In addition to its mission and vision as a new gTLD, Global eCommerce TLD Asia Limited (‘the Registry’) believes in its responsibility as a responsible industry participant to advance competition, enhance consumer trust and promote consumer choice with the development of the TLD:

A. Advance Constructive Competition

The release of IDN TLDs in this new gTLD round is expected to add a significant level of overall competition to the market for domain registrations by introducing an option to register full Chinese domain names based on a Chinese IDN gTLD. The .网店 TLD seeks to especially target to capture the segment of the global market that wishes to connect with the increasingly affluent Chinese consumers.

Furthermore, as a focused and attractive TLD string for Chinese speakers, the .网店 TLD aspires to attract a good portion of registrations from amongst new adopters such as small Chinese mom-and-pop shops that are just getting online.

B. Enhance Consumer Trust

The success of the .网店 TLD will be built on consumer trust. The Registry , supported by ARI Registry Services as its registry back-end services provider and DotAsia Organisation (through Namesphere) as its registry front-end services provider, will put in place world class Abuse Prevention & Mitigation (APM) and Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) ensuring a trusted domain space. Further details of APM and RPMs beyond ICANN minimum requirements are discussed in response to Q28 & 29.

C. Promote Consumer Choice

Besides being a domain of choice for Chinese shops and shoppers, the Registry believes that the establishment of an open namespace dedicated to e-commerce services provides registrants and companies with a choice over existing generic namespaces as well as being tied to specific e-commerce platforms. That enhances consumer choice by allowing companies to more easily choose and switch between e-commerce platforms and not be tied to any one provider. Companies can also retain the traffic of their users visiting the domain directly, i.e. even if they switch providers, they will not lose the traffic to their domain name.

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