18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.citadelCitadel Domain LLCView

The registry will be closed and strictly administered by Citadel Family personnel. As such, Applicant believes that the registry will benefit the following stakeholders:

1. Our employees. The 〈.citadel〉 gTLD will reinforce the CITADEL brand throughout the world. It will also provide a channel for more secure communications among our employees.

2. Our clients and investors. A .Citadel registry will benefit our clients and investors and protect them from possible confusion by becoming the internet location for authentic and accurate information about the Citadel Family and our goods and services. Further, we believe that a .citadel registry will result in less cybersquatting in the second level since clients, investors and others will be able to easily locate us in the top level. We believe that this will ultimately lead to lower social costs, including lowering our need to consume the resources of the courts and various arbitration providers.

3. The press and relevant governments. Since the .citadel gTLD will be a closed registry, the press and relevant governments will be able to take advantage of a single location for accurate information regarding the Citadel Family.

What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of speciality, service levels reputation?

Citadel is a world class, globally recognized financial institution. The addition of a .citadel registry with second level domain names that serve as an information point and email mechanism will only enhance our already solid reputation in our field.

What do you anticipate your proposed gTLD will add to the current space in terms of competition, differentiation or innovation?

The current domain name space is cluttered with extraneous terms such as “.com” and crowded. In fact, Citadel has not been able to secure the registration of 〈citadel.com〉 which is currently registered to a third party in an unrelated field and is being used merely as a redirect to another URL. Further, country code domain name registrations can be difficult to register and costly to maintain. Unlike a gTLD, ccTLDs have limited appeal outside of a narrow geographic area.

We believe that a .citadel gTLD addresses both the cluttered name space as well as the currently crowded gTLD market. Further, by utilizing intuitive second level registrations, we believe that our clients and investors will be able to find pertinent information more quickly and with more confidence regarding its source.

Should consumers adopt the new gTLD naming process, we look forward to marketing our goods and services in conjunction with the .citadel TLD.

What goals does your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience?

Our goal is to provide a single, trusted source of information about the Citadel Family and to provide a more secure channel for communication. Whether the stakeholders are our clients, investors, employees, the press or relevant governments, we believe that a .citadel registry enhances our ability to communicate with such stakeholders in a more secure, less confusing fashion.

Provide a complete description of the applicant’s intended registration policies in support of the goals above

Applicant, as registry operator, will develop a Citadel Domain Management Policy (the “Citadel Policy”) and will see to its enforcement. The Citadel Policy will be updated from time to time to reflect changes to ICANN consensus policies and changes in the law which effect the domain name space. Since the .citadel registry will be a closed registry which is available only to those with the Required License, the Citadel Policy will reflect these requirements. Lastly, the Citadel Policy will set for the various dispute policies which apply to .citadel, for example, the UDRP.

Whenever a second level domain name is registered, Applicant will check it to ensure that the proposed registrant has the Required License. If so, Applicant will check to ensure that the second level registration meets all required conventions and falls within Applicant’s acceptable registration and use criteria. Once registered, the domain name may be registered in the name of one of the companies making up the Citadel Family, but will always remain the property of Applicant and will always remain subject to the Required License. There will be no aftermarket in any .citadel domain names.

In order for a finalized decision on registration to occur, each second level string must meet the following criteria:

1. It must not match any character strings reserved by ICANN
2. While hyphens may be used, it must not start or end with a hyphen
3. It must consist of letters, numbers, and hyphens and not other characters
4. It must not correspond to any known mark of any competitors of the Citadel Family
5. It must be between 3 and 63 characters long
6. It must not match protected geographic terms until such time as ICANN provides a process for the registration of such terms in the Applicant’s registry

At the present time, we do not anticipate that internationalized domain names (IDN) will be registered in the .Citadel registry at the second level, although the capacity for such registrations will be supported by NeuStar, our back end services subcontractor. However, IDN registrations may occur as consumer recognition of the new gTLD space evolves. As stated before, there will be no aftermarket for second level registrations in the .citadel registry. Registrants having the Required License will not be permitted to transfer ownership or permit use to any party that does not have the Required License. All second level domain names must be used to advance the business activities of the Citadel Family and Applicant will reserve the right to cancel any second level domain name should it no longer be necessary to advance such goals.

Second level registrations must not be used to knowingly infringe the rights of another nor for any improper use which could be considered a moral or public order abuse.

Regarding RPMs, Applicant will full comply with ICANN requirements, including interfacing with the Trademark Clearinghouse. Applicant will operate a Sunrise and IP Claims service. All second level registrations and registry operations must comply with the URS and the UDRP, among other consensus policies.

Will your proposed gTLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy of confidential information of registrants or users?

Citadel is a global financial institution and as such has in place strict controls over the retention and disclosure of personal information. There will be no individual registrants of second level domain names. Further, any information posted in the WHOIS record will be that of Applicant, even if the registration is made for the benefit of another Citadel Family member company. Even so, Applicant is committed to compliance with all privacy obligations found in the ICANN Registry Agreement. Applicant will, when appropriate, audit the work of the WHOIS data escrow provider and will maintain best practices in privacy management, including compliance with any applicable ICANN consensus policies currently in place or promulgated in the future.

Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve your projected benefits?

Applicant will produce internal documents used to describe the registration restrictions and processes in place for second level registrations.

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