18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.gdnJoint Stock Company ʺNavigation-information systemsʺView

Describe the mission⁄purpose of your proposed gTLD:

1. Mission : Our mission is to commence a new generic top level domain name avenue for global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) industry and users, that enables and improve for commercial entities to illustrate, manage, market their products, services, education and experience, which enhance visibility and makes it easy for users to recognize GNSS activity on internet. We also want to ensure the establishment of Internet security and stability, customer relationship orientated with registrars and introduce innovative webmail features for registrant’s advanced business approach on World Wide Web.

2. Purpose: JSC (Joint Stock Company) NIS (Navigation Information System) is a national navigation service provider engaged in formation of integrated technology policy for navigation services. As today’s global navigation satellite services and activities are penetrating all segments of society and are becoming a common tool in the daily life of all citizens worldwide, various applications are continuously being developed, covering all lifestyle and sectors of the world economy, JSC “NIS” would like to take the opportunity of ICANN’s New Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) expansion program and intent to establish a new generic top level domain .gdn to represent “Geo Domain Network”

The .gdn “Geo Domain Network” core purpose is to provide GNSS associated business and activities its own place on the internet, by having a meaningful and verifiable identity, regardless of their product, service or activity area of specialization, size and region –opportunity for better visibility on the internet.

JSC “NIS” seeks ICANN authorization for new top level domain .gdn for purpose of GNSS business and support on the internet.

The ever-increasing growth and demand of navigation satellite business and activities requires the support of a hierarchy of generic TLD to logically classify domain names according to their purpose and role.

The new gTLD is a unique vision and platform to encourage GNSS upcoming technologies and business awareness, by efficiently supporting the naming needs of the rapidly expanding of the World Wide Web. Instant handling information between merchant and consumer, especially in retail industry for customer relation management is an essential to the future success of the GNSS industry.

GNSS technology is not only limited to navigation devices, as today Location Based Services (LBS) market is experiencing a most rapid growth in GNSS business, mapping API, Point of Interest and group-buying plug-in were introduced into API are having leading progress in GNSS industry. Therefore .gdn gTLD also intends to target the business community for publish additional supplement web page to promote their location based service (LBS) information and to be identified by a global audience via their unique identity on the Internet. Hence, the structure of the .gdn name space makes it easy for users to identify the purpose of web page and as well give opportunity to promote specific keyword related to location For example, www.lectuce.com restaurant is located at 4 different locations and willing to promote lunch buffet special offer at particular their branch, thus www.lectuce.com by publishing additional web page under the .gdn gTLD www.lectucelunchbuffet.gdn will deliver the clear message of location based information to internet viewer itself. As well www.lectucelunchbuffet.gdn shall have the possibilities to promote their offer at targeted geographical area by using .gdn location-based email marketing tool.

The .gdn generic top level domain shall offer high security, attentive customer support, and webmail account with location-based email marketing function and competitive pricing. That provides them a better visibility of their brand on World Wide Web, beside additional marketing tool, effective use of internet technology and expertise in customer support. This will also allow the general internet audience to do an instant and quick search throughout the web resources and get to the information required.


3.1 Concept: Commence new generic top level domain .gdn name registry and seek authorization from ICANN to establish and support new gTLD for GNSS industry.

3.2 Market: VeriSign’s study shows continue growth in domain name registration with more than 5.9 million quarterly and by end of 4th quarter of 2011 there were more than 225 million domain names registration across all Top Level Name (TLDs). As well the registered domain of .com and .net TLDs growth lead to 113.8 million itself. It has become merely impossible to find an available desirable name and becoming exponentially more difficult in the present situation. Meantime, reported by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Trademark registrations worldwide grow by 21.4% in 2010. Around 3.16 million trademarks were registered across the world in 2010, a 21.4% increase on 2009, and more than 18 million trademarks in force around the globe in 2010

Other hand, high precision GNSS Markets and System reported from IT analysis ABI Search that GNSS market is moving into period of sustained growth that will reach 100 percent by 2016. Market such as agriculture, construction, aviation, GIS mapping and military are all forecast to grow strongly, as well GPS enabling new devices, services and markets are open for laptops, handhelds, and communication devices.

Reported by GSA (The European GNSS Agency) the worldwide GNSS market is growing fast and revenues are expected to increase at a 11% CAGR over the next decade. The total enabled GNSS market size in 2020 is estimated at €244 bln, the core global GNSS market is estimated at €165 bln.

Explosive market growth and strong price erosion in GNSS products and activities will encourage new online product outlets, applications reseller, solution providers and many more other relevant activities, which will bring demand of internet media for various prospects especially online reseller, applications API, marketing, and educational resources.

“If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business” quoted by Bill Gates - founder of Microsoft.

In conclusion, while GNSS market penetration is expanding rapidly, JSC “NIS” strongly believe that support of a hierarchy of generic TLD to logically classify domain names according to their business nature, purpose and role would be essential and give extra edge to GNSS business visibility on World Wide Web. Hence, JSC “NIS” is positioned to clearly differentiate itself by offering new generic top level domain to GNSS industry and users.

3.3 Management

JSC “NIS” has signed with strong market player whom are not only technically highly skilled and qualified but also carrying healthy experience and expertise in management. JSC “NIS” management has over 15 years experience of GNSS business activities; combined with internet technology, registry system and marketing experts.

3.3.1 JSC “NIS” Partners:

To serve ideally at internet world JSC “NIS” has partnered with Qinetics Solutions Berhad, and JSC ʺTechnology Centerʺ Geoinformatics” to implement, support, maintain and market a domain name registry and obtain maximum market share in GNSS industry.

JSC “NIS” has strengthened their technical and marketing skill by bringing in partnership with recognized international brand and experienced partners. Qinetics Solutions Berhad is a well known in shared registry system (SRS) and carrying 7 years successful working history in the domain name industry.

Another key player is JSC ʺTechnology Centerʺ Geoinformatics”, is assigned as a technical operation partner, at present engaged in development, and implement of GIS based application and systems with their highly skilled technical team, Geoinformatics will be developing web client and email hosting for exclusive .gdn regist

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