18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.政府Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.View

The missions and purposes of the proposed .政府 gTLD are described as follows.

1. The new .政府 gTLD to promote governmental images
The .政府 gTLD proposed by Net-Chinese and Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) under the basis of partnership is an Internationalized Top Level Domain Name in Chinese to serve the Chinese-speaking people, places and communities around the world. There is about one-sixth of the worldʹs population or over one billion people using Chinese. Thus, the .政府 gTLD will be targeted to create efficient identity between Chinese-speaking people, places and communities and those who would like to convey information to the Chinese-speaking people, places and communities. One of the missions and purposes of the .政府 gTLD is to facilitate collaboration among government-to-government, government-to-business, and government-to-citizen entities globally. It is critical that each government, central or local, maintain good relationships with other governments for collaboration and support. The current domains under each .gov ccTLD do not serve the purpose of providing a unique domain for Chinese-speaking people, places and communities to exchange of information and collaboration among the governments.

Based on the mission and purpose, Net-Chinese is authorized by TWNIC to submit the application of .政府 gTLD, and TWNIC will fully support the registry operation, back-end, and financial expenditure for this application and operation after delegation.

The .政府 gTLD hosts government related websites of the federal⁄central governments, state⁄province governments or local governments such as city⁄county⁄township or any other governmental agencies or any applicable to the public interests. This new .政府 gTLD is innovative to create a one-shop show room, where all the official websites of governments around the world can be accessed by visitors.

The on-lined presence of the government under the .政府gTLD can promote its public image by providing services to businesses and citizens on an upgraded level. The governmental functions, including administrative, judicial and legislative, will have impacts far beyond their traditional jurisdictions and geographic limits. In addition, .政府 gTLD provides the official and trusted Internet presence for these government entities.

2. The new .政府gTLD to meet the needs of IDN market
The rise of political and economic power of the Chinese-speaking community around the world echoes the growing needs of Internationalized Domain Names. One out of every six people in the world use Chinese as their main language to communicate among themselves. It is critical for them to use a language familiar to them to surf the Internet and search the world. The .政府 gTLD in Chinese, which means the government providing services to the public for the best interests, is an innovation and a convenient tool for the Chinese-speaking people to search for the official websites of governments not only of their home towns but also every country in the world.

In order to avoid unnecessary political implications of the .政府 gTLD, Net-Chinese, a private professional domain name service provider incorporated and headquartered in Taiwan, is authorized by the Taiwan Network Information Center to submit the application of .政府 TLD. Additionally, TWNIC is a neutral and not-for-profit organization to operate the ccTLD registration service over 10 years and has cooperated with different registries and registrars to provide worldwide registration service. Based on the partnership between TWNIC and Net-Chinese, the proposed string .政府 will focus on global target for those governmental organizations, public institutions, or any related organizations supported by government to provide public services, providing registration service without limitations of border, barrier, and discrimination.

Founded in the year 2000, Net-Chinese, with outstanding technology and service in the domain name business, has been accredited by more than 170 ccTLDs and almost all gTLDs Registries. In addition to domain name registration, Net-Chinese also provides comprehensive domain name services to their clients, including but not limited to technical support, domain name management, marketing and other professional services. Net-Chinese, familiar with the Chinese community, also leverages with TWNIC to build up unique expertise in the management and operation of the Registry of the new .政府 gTLD.

The TWNIC is the unique neutral and non-profit organization that takes charge of the domain name registration and IP address allocation in Taiwan. Besides offering full range network services, the TWNIC participates in various related international conferences, in hopes to provide the best services for Internet service providers in Taiwan through public participation and constant improvements, which are the biggest goal of the TWNIC. TWNIC is the organization for national network information services in Taiwan, to cooperate with international Internet organizations such as ICANN and APNIC as well as equivalent national Internet organizations in other countries, including JPNIC, CNNIC, and KRNIC.

The primary functions and responsibilities of TWNIC are:
- Providing specialized Internet services, including domain name and IP⁄ASN registration and management, as well as directory and database access; in addition, promoting Internet business in Taiwan in a spirit of non-profit, mutual and impartial sharing of network resources
- Coordinating and facilitating activities and cooperation between national and international Internet-related organizations
- Assisting the industry in the promotion of nationwide Internet use, and coordinating the exchange and integration of Internet information services

Currently, TWNIC provides the following registration services:
- Second Level English Domain Name: ASCII.tw Third Level English Domain Name: com.tw, net.tw, org.tw, idv.tw, game.tw, club.tw and ebiz.tw Second Level Chinese Domain Name: 中文.tw and中文.台灣
- Third Level Chinese Domain Name: 商業.tw, 網路.tw and組織.tw

TWNIC provides the most comprehensive .tw and .台灣domain name services. More information on .tw domain name registration services, please refer to www.twdn.tw.

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