18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameDetail
.BARPunto 2012 Sociedad Anonima de Capital VariableView

i. The .bar gTLD has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of registrants the different entities who identify themselves with the word ʺbarʺ and the different bar industries. The domain will provide the gamut of bars, industry stakeholders, and corollary entities with the unique opportunity to register the shortest, most intuitive, and most descriptive domain names possible. Newly launched bars of all varieties will no longer be at a disadvantage when establishing their internet presence; they will have access to appropriate and attractively priced domain names (which will assist consumers with locating their internet presence thereby driving traffic to their sites). Bars that have previously compromised by registering long, non-descriptive, or language-inappropriate domain are also expected to reap the benefits of short, simple, and appropriate domain names.

The .bar gTLD is expertly positioned to grow in size and significance along with various bar industries and will provide a reliable technical service for bars, with an unprecedented level of technical security and stability due to compliance with technical requirements for new gTLDs. A battery of logging and monitoring tools will protect the .bar gTLD from attack and disruption allowing bars worldwide and internet users to be certain that the domains have complete, uninterrupted functionality and uncompromised content.

The applicant Punto 2012 SA de CV (“Punto 2012” or “Applicant”) is committed to ensuring the .bar gTLD becomes one of many trusted zones protecting registrants, rights holders, and internet users. To this end, we plan to implement a zero-tolerance policy on illegal content and a domain takedown policy in line with all ICANN requirements (UDRP, URS, etc.).

ii. The .bar gTLD will be the first TLD specifically designed to serve the needs of all types of bars and the consumers they serve, and it will perform the dual purpose of supplying bars with the most appropriate domain name for their business while providing the public with a means of easily locating and navigating these domains. It will provide a legitimate alternative to current TLDs (generic and ccTLDs) while globalizing the registrants’ internet presence. It will allow bars who have previously been hampered by inappropriate or exorbitantly priced domain names to purchase a domain name and establish a web presence, promoting increased usage and utility, and creating a platform for innovation as the different bar industries evolve.

The domain will simultaneously promote various bar industries and assist consumers with locating bar websites in an increasingly crowded and global Internet space. The .bar gTLD will be an entirely global domain, allowing bars and corollary entities to promote their businesses and services without compromising on language or local usability. Punto 2012 fully supports ICANN’s mission to expand the TLD space and introduce increased competition into new markets and languages, and we believe the .bar gTLD and its support for IDN capability accomplishes this goal.

iii. Punto 2012 intends for the .bar gTLD to be fair, reliable, easily identifiable, technically sound, and accurate thereby fostering innovation and minimizing user confusion. The descriptive nature of the domain will encourage the construction of value-rich and informative websites; its global nature and inclusiveness will facilitate the spread of bar-themed domains into new markets, allowing previously underserved markets, bars of all varieties, and consumers to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the TLD’s introduction into the DNS. The .bar gTLD will allow web users worldwide to easily locate the domains they are searching for as well as be sure that these domains are a safe and legitimate space free from illegal content, malware, etc. (as discussed in responses to questions 28 and 29).

iv. In keeping with the spirit of global access, innovation, and competition promoted by the .bar gTLD and by the applicant, Punto 2012 believes that, due to the broad use of the term bar, the registration of domains should be open to all parties for legitimate purposes. The word “bar” is used for various types of establishments, organizations and products, and we do not wish to impose validation criteria as we believe it would only increase cost and restrict innovation which goes against ICANN’s and our goals for the TLD.

Punto 2012 does, however, intend to enforce an Acceptable Use Policy to ensure that the zone remains stringently protected from illegal content or activity, and the UDRP, URS, and all other ICANN-required rights protection mechanisms will form an integral part of the domain. Applicant will also provide additional rights protection mechanisms beyond ICANNʹs requirements as set forth in responses to questions 26, 28, and 29. To minimize abusive registrations, Punto 2012 will adopt an Acceptable Use Policy that will allow it to cancel the registration of a domain name if the name is in violation of the Policy.

Additionally, Punto 2012 will undertake communications efforts to encourage reporting and execute rapid takedown of domains in violation of the Acceptable Use policy.

Punto 2012 will engage with organizations serving and communicating with various types of bars and will work together to inform them, as well as the general public, about the opportunities engendered by the .bar gTLD. A global outreach initiative will ensure that establishments and organizations who identify themselves as bars of all varieties as well as the general public are aware of the TLD and will encourage not only appropriate registrants to register and make use of their domain but also consumers to recognize and trust it. Although marketing efforts will be adapted to suit local markets and cultures, the common denominator will be to provide detailed information about the benefits of domain purchase for all kinds of bars and for the public at large.

As further detailed in the responses to questions 28 and 29, Punto 2012 will implement all rights protection mechanisms required by ICANN (including but not limited to the URS and the UDRP) and will additionally operate a Sunrise period for Trademark holders prior to General Availability (again, in accordance with all ICANN rules). Additional rights protection mechanisms, beyond ICANN requirements, are described in response to questions 26, 28, and 29.
A copy of the proposed Acceptable Use Policy can be found in response to question 29.

v. Applicant in its capacity as a TLD registry operator will not be providing any special services for protecting privacy or confidential information of registrants or end-users apart from those required by applicable laws, policies, agreements or technical standards. Some registry services include as their integral part, protection of usersʹ confidential information. Examples of such services are:
SRS (protecting confidentiality of the EPP transfer authorisation codes)
Dissemination of TLD zone files (protecting confidentiality of zone file FTP accounts credentials)

All registry services, including those described above, will be provided in accordance with the ICANN requirements and specifications to the Registry Agreement. The data security measures adopted by the Applicant are described in detail in the answer to question 30 ʺSecurity Policyʺ.

vi. Post-launch use of domains and the descriptive nature of the TLD string will assist with accomplishing Punto 2012’s goal of ensuring public awareness and understanding of the .bar gTLD’s intended purpose and use. The TLD string in and of itself is intuitive, easily identifiable, readily available, and easily acquired ensuring ready adoption and support by the intended entities, with usage of the domain promoting further awareness, understanding and adoption among intended registrants and users.

Additionally, the Applicant has broad experience in creating web directories of restaurants online, as well as helping restaurants develop their online presence to establish their marketing strategy through the Internet. They also have experience in offering web-based products such as e-commerce, hosting, and web design to different businesses which are not specifically involved in the food and beverage or hospitality industry. Thanks to this experience, the individuals behind Punto 2012 intend to capitalize on their knowledge, experience and connections to ensure that the .bar TLD meets the requirements of potential registrants and to assist in educating their international peers about the domain so as to promote global understanding, support, adoption, and use of .bar. Punto 2012 is committed to ensuring that both registrants and the public understand the benefits engendered by the deployment of the .bar TLD, and they pledge to engage not only with these entities but also the registrar channel to promote and educate stakeholders and the public at large about the domain.

To this end, Punto 2012 has created a website where potential registrants and the general public can discover more information about the .bar gTLD and the benefits it will bring: www.bar-registry.com

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