18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameDetail
.melbourneThe Crown in right of the State of Victoria, represented by its Department of Business and InnovationView

The mission and purpose of the new .melbourne gTLD is to benefit internet users by ensuring increased trust, convenience and utility as well as extending and strengthening the City of Melbourne’s brand in the online environment.

The .melbourne gTLD will create a new generation gTLD serving the interests of residents of Melbourne and the State of Victoria and other internet users looking for products, services and information relating to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The .melbourne gTLD will be a domain space specifically related to Melbourne, the capital city of the State of Victoria in Australia. The .melbourne gTLD will provide a dedicated internet space for businesses, residents, community groups, organisations and government bodies in Victoria seeking to identify themselves with Melbourne, thus offering these potential registrants new marketing opportunities and an additional channel of communication focused on their geographic location. Internet users will also benefit from the .melbourne gTLD through the increased accuracy and quantity of locality-specific content.

As the applicant for the .melbourne gTLD, the State Government of Victoria through its Department of Business and Innovation, Innovation and Technology Division (DBI) aims to connect individuals, businesses and groups in Victoria to other local, national and international businesses and markets and to promote Melbourne as a great place to live, work, invest, visit and learn. The application for the .melbourne gTLD has the full support of the State Government of Victoria and the Melbourne City Council, the Local Government of the City of Melbourne.

Greater Melbourne consists of the City of Melbourne and a further 30 municipalities, has an approximate population of 4 million people and is often referred to as “the cultural capital of Australia” (as mentioned in the Melbourne Tourist Guide, www.melbournetouristguide.com). Melbourne was ranked the number one city in “The Economist’s top 10 Worldʹs Most Liveable Cities” in 2011 (www.economist.com⁄node⁄21528162).

The registration of second level domain names within the .melbourne domain space will only be available to government bodies in Victoria and businesses and residents with a Victorian address. This restriction is imposed to ensure that the .melbourne gTLD is available to Victorian residents and to facilitate and encourage the availability of information relating to activities, businesses, community groups, organisations and government bodies related to Melbourne in an online space free from use that is illegitimate or inconsistent with the mission and purpose of the .melbourne gTLD. The .melbourne gTLD is intended to encourage innovation and growth by offering economic benefits on a macro scale, increased utilisation of technology resources and an increased opportunity for and facilitation of entrepreneurship by providing an online geo-distinctive presence and new marketing opportunities. This will benefit internet users and promote competition in the marketplace.

The internet has created a means for global communication and interaction, allowing for greater levels of information exchange, as well as facilitating efficient business transactions. Information about Melbourne is widely available on the internet, allowing internet users worldwide to access online information regarding work, play or life in Melbourne. A centralised .melbourne gTLD will, however, provide a clearly identified resource for internet users, including visitors to Melbourne, bringing together and giving easier access to information about events, businesses, communities, government bodies and organisations in Melbourne. The .melbourne gTLD will meet the need for a specific online space that captures the distinctive city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and thus will enhance the strength and value of the Melbourne brand.

The mission and purpose of the proposed new gTLD share ICANN’s initiatives to promote public interest. DBI is committed to contribute towards achieving such initiatives in line with ICANN’s Affirmation of Commitments, which includes:
consumer trust: the .melbourne gTLD registry will operate as a registry where only individuals and businesses with a Victorian address will be able to register domain names at the second level. Consumers will be able to have greater confidence in the information provided under the .melbourne gTLD knowing that the information is provided by businesses, organisations government bodies or residents connected to Melbourne. As domain names within .melbourne will be subject to registration standards, policies and procedures, the incidence of abuse and cybersquatting (through adequate protection of trademark holders) will be significantly lower and internet users will have greater confidence in the information they receive about the city of Melbourne; and
competition: the .melbourne gTLD will contribute to the initiatives of competition and consumer choice through its operation focused on promoting consumer trust and convenience, as well as providing an alternative domain name space to registrations in other TLDs. The .melbourne gTLD will provide more choice for registrants to clearly distinguish themselves in the online environment by demonstrating their direct connection to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Increased trust in the .melbourne gTLD may drive existing and new top level domain (TLD) registry operators to make improvements in mechanisms to improve consumer trust of their TLDs; and
consumer choice: the proposed new gTLD will enable user-driven improvements promoting Melbourne, with second level domains to be registered by eligible registrants. This will allow consumers more choice and options to register domain names and to interact with government bodies, community groups, businesses and organisations, as well as encourage competition between these potential registrant groups to best interact with such consumers. The .melbourne gTLD registration policy will provide clear guidance on the registration and use of domain names in the .melbourne gTLD, which will also contribute towards general service innovations on the internet.

Registration volume projections in this gTLD are based upon analysis of the target market, including registered trademark holders, businesses registered in Victoria and residents with a Victorian address. Projections have been developed with conservatism, taking into account the experience of existing gTLDs and ccTLDs and local market conditions.

In its endeavour to promote and expand the .melbourne gTLD, DBI will comply with all operational, technical and policy requirements and strive to maintain consumer trust and the stability of the internet. DBI will keep ICANN reasonably informed of any material developments relating to the .melbourne gTLD, including compliance with the continued operations instrument obligations as set out in Specification 8 of the Registry Agreement.

The DBI does not intend to make available Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and geographic names at the second level initially. However, as the use of the .melbourne gTLD evolves, it is anticipated that DBI may decide to make available IDNs and geographic names within the .melbourne domain space to allow internet users to engage with .melbourne in their native language, thus creating a more positive user experience and encouraging diversity. In accordance with Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement, and as specified in the response to Question 22, geographic names will not be available for registration without prior agreement from the relevant government or review and approval by the GAC.

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