18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.temasekTemasek Holdings (Private) LimtiedView

The Applicant will organize the registry operation for the .TEMASEK in any of the following manners to handle multiple applications for a particular domain name::

The Applicant Registry Operator may reserve, delegate and use a large number of domain names that are directly or indirectly relevant to Applicant’s business in its own name. As some of these domain names would be descriptive in nature, the chances for qualifying eligible applicants registrants to register such domain names after the launch will be limited.

The Registry Operator may release available domain names post-launch in a highly controlled manner, which also reduces the likelihood that two or more applicants qualify for the registration of the same domain name in the .TEMASEK top-level domain.

As a method of last resort, and subject to the actual domain name registration policy adopted by the Registry Operator and in force at the time of registration, domain names will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Applicant intends to make the .TEMASEK top-level domain available to qualifying domain name registrants only. Although the Registry may initially make such registrations available at no cost for these qualifying registrants, it shall at all times, be entitled to set fees; if the Applicant Registry Operator would be required to charge a fee for the registration of domain names under the .TEMASEK gTLD, the fee will be set at a cost-recovery or arm’s length basis, to be determined by the Registry.

If the Applicant Registry Operator will be required to increase the fees for the registration of domain names, such increases will keep pace with the cost-recovery or arm’s length character referred to above.

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