18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameDetail
.fishDot Club LLCView

The .fish gTLD will benefit proposed registrants, internet users and others by offering an internet space exclusively dedicated to all categories of fish-related interests and activities, and their affiliated constituents. Registrants will gain higher visibility and easier searchability as well as access to relevant and brand-centric domains unavailable on other crowded gTLDs. Internet users can better search their aquatic interests in a streamlined, geographic and category-specific manner. Others will benefit from the economic development and innovation fostered by this “fish” oriented community space.
(i) The goal of the proposed gTLD in terms of areas of specialty, service levels, or reputation:
Specialty: The Registry will focus on all global pastimes and industries involving fish, supporting and building communities around each category of interest. It will bring together interested parties, facilitating the dissemination and distribution of information, and expanding interconnectivity. Dedication to this subject will allow the Registry to become the chosen destination for all seeking an online space focused on fish. The introduction of the .fish gTLD provides the benefit of allowing shortened strings for existing domains and also availability of more appropriate domains.
Service Levels: Service levels provided by the .fish gTLD comply with required service levels defined in Specification 10 of the gTLD Registry Agreement detailed in the ICANN gTLD Applicant Guidebook.
Reputation: The Registry’s priority is to establish a reputation as an innovative, stable, secure and accountable community; serving organizations, entities and individuals interested in any subject matter related to fish. ARI Registry Services (“ARI”), the Registry’s selected provider of registry services, has an established reputation for providing and operating a robust and reliable back-end registry service that enables multiple registrars to provide domain name registration services in the top-level domain. ARI’s proven, reliable system supports multiple registries and many registrars. ARI has a long history of meeting its service level agreements as evidenced in the Registry Operator’s Monthly Reports that ARI files with ICANN. These reports detail ARI’s operational status and its compliance with applicable service level agreements. These monthly reports are accessible from the ICANN website at the following URL: http:⁄⁄www.icann.org⁄en⁄tlds⁄monthly-reports⁄. Moreover, the Registry has established a strategic relationship with industry-leading registrar Melbourne IT, thereby ensuring a first-rate consumer experience and compliance with all applicable industry policies and standards.

(ii) What the proposed gTLD anticipates adding to the current space, in terms of competition, differentiation, or innovation:
Competition: The proposed gTLD will promote competition by creating a digital environment dedicated to all social, informational and commercial aspects of fish and fishing. Currently, there exists a significant market for domain names related to fish. The website “www.domaintools.com” indicates there are over 296,000 domain names that include “fish” in their string. Of these, “fish” resides in roughly 94,000 registered domains, immediately preceding various TLDs (e.g. www.aboutfish.com). The addition of a “.fish” TLD will shorten the string length for these existing domains (e.g. www.about.fish) and provide an appealing and intuitive opportunity for registrants. Beyond just allowing for string shortening, the gTLD will allow new registrants to create domains for sharing their aquatic interests, liaising with industry contacts and connecting with similarly interested parties. With a dedicated platform for the .fish sector, new, improved, and⁄or shorter domain names will be available to participants. This will contribute to competition in the current space by offering consumers more choice and registrants more marketable domain names.
As the public increasingly accepts new gTLDs, the Registry envisions registrants will seek out TLDs that describe their nature or activities. Accordingly, members of industries related to fish will look to the .fish TLD first when establishing their web presence, and will register domain names as tools to interact with consumers, liaise with colleagues, share new products and services, link to various social networks, sell merchandise, etcetera.
Differentiation: The fundamental difference between .fish and all other gTLDs is its dedication to organizations and participants focused on the many, varied aspects of the fish and fishing industries. The proposed gTLD will create a space associated with fish-related interests. To achieve this differentiation, beyond simply providing domain names, the Registry will, in accordance with Specification 9 of the Registry Agreement, proactively develop and maintain multiple innovative websites to create and enhance industry-specific communities dedicated to these major global industries, and their massive constituent bases.
Innovation: The proposed gTLD will catalyze innovation by creating an online community devoted to fish and fishing industries. Registrants and users may in turn take advantage of the opportunities for increased communication, access to information, visibility and commerce to develop new methods of advancing their interests. All will benefit from this vibrant and dynamic collaborative process. For example, category and geography-based search functionality will connect more consumers and organizations, allowing for a more robust and efficient exchange of information. In addition, .fish will allow for the following innovations:
Search: optimized and customized
Community-specific premium domains that will be utilized for the benefit of all interested parties
Targeted and more cost-effective advertising
The ability to create and analyze community metrics
Lay the foundation for a community-specific e-commerce platform
These innovations will add new experiences and opportunities to the space, directly benefiting registrants and indirectly benefiting users and others.
(iii) Goals the proposed gTLD has in terms of user experience:
The Registry envisions a greatly enhanced user experience by facilitating streamlined searches relating to fish and fishing, further refined by geography and⁄or category. The quality of the user experience will improve as the Registry provides resources to its constituents, including interest-specific information, communication channels, markets, collaborative, philanthropic and business opportunities. Registrants will have the opportunity to contribute their own content to the space, thereby enhancing the community-nature of the gTLD. The goal of the .fish TLD is to be the destination and home for all online activity related to fish and fishing.
Moreover, ARI will ensure that all pertinent services consistently meet the levels prescribed in Specification 10 of the Registry Agreement, helping to ensure a top quality user experience. In addition, ARI will comply with any other applicable ICANN policy or procedure, thereby ensuring the user experience provided is both secure and stable. Strategic partner Melbourne IT will ensure top quality consumer interface and policy compliance.
(iv) Description of the intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above:
The Registry may reach out to entities within a multitude of aquatic industries and use community-building platforms to generate publicity for the proposed gTLD and will welcome all registrants seeking a .fish domain. Following a Sunrise and Landrush period, the Registry intends to make domains available to anyone willing to complete the Registry’s application process and comply with Registry policies and ICANN requirements. The Registry will collect limited demographic information from registrants, which will be used to streamline searches and target communications. Registration requests for available names will be allocated by the registry through accredited registrars on a first come, first-served basis, subject to the registry policies and ICANN requirements. The Registry will establish dispute resolution procedures concerning compliance with TLD registration policies and shall enforce such registration policies.
The Registry will seek out strategic partners to utilize premium names of significance to the community. It also plans to reserve the right to retain additional names on a reserve name list at any time at its sole discretion, in accordance with Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement, and to allocate such names in accordance with ICANN requirements and Registry polices.
(v) The proposed gTLD will impose measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users:
The Registry will protect the privacy and confidential information of registrants and users through industry standard security technology, provided by ARI and through a contractual privacy policy statement. ARI provides a comprehensive security solution independently audited to ensure that registrants’ privacy and confidential information is protected. These measures include registry databases that are access controlled, encrypted data escrow procedures, and a broad- ranging security policy addressing physical, cyber, and personnel security threats. Further details of these security policies are provided in response to Question 30: Security Policy. In compliance with the Registry Agreement’s Specification 4, data fields defined in the specification are made publicly available through the registry’s Whois service offering.
User security is enhanced by the use of Domain Name System Security Extensions (“DNSSEC”) providing an important layer of overall Internet security. ARI’s DNSSEC implementations adhere to key security standards and guidelines as required by Federal Information Processing Standards (“FIPS”) 140-2 Level 3. Through ARI’s proven DNSSEC implementation, the .fish gTLD helps to protect the privacy and confidential information of its users.
(vi) Description of whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve projected benefits:
The Registry will engage in targeted advertising and outreach by working with a wide range of strategic partners to promote the Registry to all invested in any category of the fish market. The enhanced visibility of geographic and category-specific domains developed by the Registry and optimized for SEO will further help communicate the Registry’s commitment to its mission. Targeted advertising will benefit both registrants and advertisers by promoting competition and facilitating efficient communication. The establishment of an e-commerce platform will similarly benefit the target demographic. Community-building platforms may be employed to enhance the development of communities oriented toward fish. Moreover, the opportunities for better and greater communication amongst registrants themselves will help to establish the registry’s community reputation and develop its base.

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