18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.greenDotGreen Community, Inc.View

Prior to discussing the operating rules for .green, provided below is important information about .green that puts into context the specific launch and business approach the .green TLD will operate.

An Environmental TLD
The first ever environmental TLD to be proposed to the world through both the Internet and Environmental communities is .green. In 2007, the .green TLD was recognized by the founder of DotGreen for its international appeal as an actual word that has already been adopted by many people in their own languages around the world. “Green” represents Environmental + Humanitarian + Economic issues addressed in tandem, in other words “People and their Planet.”

Community is an important component to the Green Movement, to ICANN, and to The DotGreen Community, Inc. (DGC). When it comes to the nature of human beings, community plays an important role. The multi-stakeholder community is inclusive of all Internet users. The green movement thrives on community collaboration of information, discussion, and resources. DGC also seeks broad participation in the .green namespace and has set policies that are designed to favor inclusiveness into the online .green movement, and is not exclusionary or restrictive of green participation. The open access, transparent nature of how the Internet works is embraced by DotGreen and is in-line with the valued and protected properties of ICANN, the Internet, and the green movement fostering consumer trust by increased consumer awareness, freedom of expression and transparency.

The creation of an online movement encouraged by and built around a TLD has never been done before. The .green opportunity is now possible and its success will be created by the people of the world who choose to utilize it. Community and Inclusivity is an important component to GREEN and therefore to .green as well. The time is now for a Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities (.GREEN).

Important Facts About DotGreen and the .green TLD Initiative
The .green TLD is launching in 16 IDN languages to the left of the dot for inclusion of the world’s people and a rich online global .green movement
DotGreen has attended fifteen consecutive ICANN meetings, and some members have been dedicated stakeholders even longer.
DotGreen is among very few new gTLD applicants who have an established office with staff and fully executable new TLD business and marketing plans in place. Drawing early for industry talent, a developed and competitive in house team of professionals, a strong Board of Directors, and Advisors are ready to launch .green.
DotGreen maintains the resources needed to continue serving the green community beyond the operations of the TLD, through its newsletter, events, green conference sponsorships, marketing plans, and speaking appearances.
DotGreen has already promoted the green movement on several continents through social networking, personal appearances, sponsorships, as well as donating to other non-profits in support of their work towards sustainability.
The technical registry functions of the .green TLD will be operated by Neustar, an experienced registry service provider and DNS services provider for multiple countries and corporate brands. In its local region, Neustar is an award-winning recipient for its corporate sustainability programs and Leed certified building.
DotGreen has established a very thoughtful set of policies, and with practical and protective trademark owner measures in place, DotGreen is ready to launch and run the new .green address space in a fair and equitable manner. .green becomes a part of the Internet that is designed for the health of people, the green economy, the environment, and the planet. The DotGreen team is ready and excited to begin Early Adopter, a Government’s Environmental Agency and Scientific and Academic program, IP Trademark Sunrise, and public launch and prove ICANN’s new gTLD program a success.
The DotGreen Foundation (DGF) will work with EarthShare, a 23-year federation of 400 global Non-profit environmental and humanitarian organizations, for the responsible administration of the funds to serve and protect people and planet through programs aimed at sustainability.
Academic direction: Dominican University’s Green MBA program, the first in the USA, contributed its leading team of Master’s of Business in Sustainable Enterprise students for research and development of the .green TLD business plan. The Dean of the College of Natural Resources of the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Keith Gilles, is a Board Director of the DotGreen Foundation.
Senior Environmentalist: Marty Rosen, with 50+ years of dedication to the environment, celebrated founding member of The Nature Conservancy, The Trust For Public Land, EarthShare, and more offers valuable direction as DotGreen’s Environmental Advisor since the beginning.
Marketing Leaders: DotGreen’s Marketing Strategist Team includes executives respected in the marketing Industry who have achieved successes specifically in philanthropic campaigns such as The Red Campaign, a social project for aids relief and many significant land acquisitions for public use and environmental conservation.

Overview of Business Rules
DotGreen Community Inc. (DGC) is applying for the domain name .green as an open TLD. The purpose of DotGreen is to promote and maintain the integrity and growth of the current green movement online, therefore it is essential that the .green TLD be internationally available and inclusive. The green movement is global and growing steadily amongst world citizens and corporations, NGOs, scientists and families. Without a single leader, compulsory certification or even a worldwide governmental overseer, the green movement is succeeding. It’s existence and purpose is about information and action, about reaching, inspiring, sharing, collaborating and activating all the world’s citizens in the common goal to protect our planet’s natural resources, people’s lifestyles, economies and life. The .green TLD, as a part of the Internet, will provide the green movement with a top level domain name to encourage awareness, growth, innovation and open access to expand for the benefit of people and planet using the same core values of the free and open Internet. .green is the model of choice to best assist in the development of green innovation, online green technologies, greener lifestyles, social health, green economies, and responsible business. .green will be host to green communities of individuals, large corporations, small and medium enterprises and non-profits NGO’s, governments, scientists, civil societies, green hosting, green energy, green technology and more. .Green must be open and available to internet users in all regions of the world and therefore will launch as an open global TLD in at least 16 IDN languages at Sunrise and public launch.

(DGC) has been very public in itʹs pursuit of the .green TLD since 2008 and has been active in the domain name industry, Internet community, as well as the green industry, and environmental community. DGC’s interaction with industry experts has produced very favorable reaction to the potential of the .green TLD. Green stands for corporate social responsibility, people, health, social justice, fair trade, planet, sustainability and ultimately our future. It has been a very relevant topic, it continues to be very relevant today and takes on even more importance as we head into the future.

DGC views the .green TLD as an important resource that can play a instrumental roll in mankind’s race to save the planet. DGC finds that it is imperative and responsible to adopt very standard industry business rules with .green in order to make the launch, operation and registration of .green names simple to both the channel (registrars) and end-user registrants, therefore providing fair and equal access to all Internet users and world citizens who are willing to take part in the online green movement of the 21st century. In addition, DGC plans to launch and operate .green in a secure, consumer friendly and corporation friendly manner via a series of standard but rigid processes.

Business Rules
DGC plans to adopt, launch and operate .green with industry standard business rules. This will ensure an operationally efficient TLD because the registrar channel will be easily able to adopt .green due to the fact that 300+ registrars around the world are already connected to Neustar, DGC’s technical registry services provider, and therefore will require very little if any incremental engineering work to test and prepare for the .green TLD. This will save costs and ultimately should benefit the end user registrant, and the environment. Some of the standard business rules and operating procedures include but are not limited to:
- Registration term length from 1 to 10 years that will be made available to the registrars
- Implementation of standard registration grace periods (new, renew, etc.)
- Implementation of all contractually required ICANN domain name policies, i.e. domain name “tasting”
- Auto-renew
- Standard domain name transfer policies between registrars

Business Practices Launch
With the launch and operation of .green, DGC plans to adhere to industry standards and readily-accepted procedures during all launch phases and continued operations. These include but are not limited to:
- A Sunrise and IP Claims phase that will last 30 days at minimum and will adhere to the standard process identified by ICANN in the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook using the Trademark Clearinghouse. It is DGC’s intent to price the domain names registered during the Sunrise phase in a manner that limits the expenditure required by a Trademark owner with a minor “processing fee” markup to strictly cover its costs on top of a “per year” fee reflective of the higher value of the trademark protected names.
- All Sunrise applicants will have the option to also contribute to the DotGreen Foundation, a California Non-profit 501 (c)3 For Public Benefit Charity Organization established to advance green causes around the world.
- Multiple valid applications for the same domain name during the Sunrise phase will be resolved via an auction process with an established and experienced domain name auction provider.
- Monies from Sunrise auctions will also provide funding to the DotGreen Foundation, a US based Non-profit 501c(3) For Public Charity Organization.
- During the Landrush phase which will allow registrants to apply for higher value names via a premium pricing structure, multiple applications for the same domain name will be resolved via an auction process with an established and experienced domain name auction provider.
- Monies from Landrush auctions will also provide funding to the DotGreen Foundation, a US based Non-profit 501c(3) For Public Charity Organization.
- The General Availability launch, as with all phases, will be operated in a fair and equitable manner as it relates to registrar connectivity and equal access to the SRS registration system.
- In all launch phases, DGC will offer a minimum of 16 IDN languages using standard policies and language tables.
- DGC plans to price .green names in a range reflective of the expected higher value of the brand. This pricing also allows for an income stream to be provided to the The DotGreen Foundation, a California Non-profit 501(c)3 For Public Benefit Charity Organization. Although wholesale price increases to the channel in the future are assumed at this point to be unlikely, if they occur, communication will be provided with a minimum of 6 months notice.
- DGC does plan to work closely with the channel to provide .green’s value proposition via marketing materials, collateral, logos, taglines, etc. in order to properly position the .green TLD with its target market and increase the likelihood of success. Various marketing and promotional incentives including volume discounts will be provided to ensure maximum reach to the community of .green registrants and enable market driven pricing reflective of the .green brand value.
- DGC also plans to launch an “early adopter” type program for corporations interested in using the .green name in a visible way as well as registrants interested in proposing a positive and high profile use of a valuable “green focused” domain name.
- DGC also plans to offer non-profit organizations in all regions of the world who are specifically aimed at sustainability and who meet a list of DotGreen criteria to receive specially discounted domain names of their organization’s name or derivative of.
- As mentioned in Question 22, DGC also plans to work closely and collaboratively with governments around the world to acquire and use country, government or “green” agency names in a positive manner via use or redirection of the appropriate .green domain name.

Operating Practices to Protect the Integrity of the .green Space

DGC plans to operate .green in a very clean and responsible manner, which is consistent and reflective of the purpose of .green to promote green initiatives and sustainability around the world. This will be accomplished via the following principles and processes:

- Ensure all aspects of technology and security (DNS, DNSSEC, IPv6, etc.) are operated in a safe and stable manner via Neustar, a very experienced and capable registry services provider. A user of a .green domain name should never experience any down time and that is DGC’s plan and approach (see question 35).
- Aggressive monitoring of malicious activity as well as swift and aggressive action via Neustar, the channel and DGC (see question 28)
- Implementation of a .green Acceptable Use Policy that gives the Registry the ability to quickly lock, cancel, transfer or take ownership of any .green domain name, either temporarily or permanently, if the domain name is being used in a manner that appears to threaten the stability, integrity or security of the registry, or any of its registrar partners and⁄or that may put the safety and security of any registrant or user at risk. (see question 28)
- WHOIS accuracy in addition to the number of mechanisms developed by ICANN, DCG will offer a mechanism whereby 3rd parties can submit complaints directly to DGC about inaccurate or incomplete WHOIS data. DCG will also conduct twice per year audits of a random sampling to test accuracy of WHOIS data as well as have a set of graduated penalties in place as part of the .green Registry Registrar Agreement. (see question 28)
- Rights Protection working in close partnership with Neustar, .green is implementing the following rights protection mechanisms in accordance with the ICANN Applicant Guidebook (see question 29):
1. Trademark Clearinghouse
2. Sunrise and Trademark Claims processes
3. Implementation of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)
4. Uniform Rapid Suspension Policy (URS)
5. Implementation of a Thick WHOIS

In summary, as described throughout our application, .green is an international domain name reflective of very responsible and fair business practices and operations. As outlined above, this is DGC’s intent and plan, ensuring that the registrants of .green can expect an operationally sound, secure and clean domain name space.

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