18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.greenDotGreen Community, Inc.View

DotGreen Community Inc. (DGC) recognizes the Internet as an incredible accomplishment. In its natural state, the Internet offers core communications capabilities and virtues of open access, global reach, accessibility, speed, and transparency, all of which influence positive change in the world. These same properties are also necessary for the green movement to progress to global relevance.

Green = Environmental + Humanitarian + Economic aspects of sustainability, in other words: “People and their Planet.”

18.1.1 MISSION

DGC’s mission is to provide and manage the .green address space in a responsible, global, inclusive and secure manner to positively enhance the impact Internet users can have in the world’s shift to a greener economy, renewable resource utilization, responsible business, and sustainable lifestyles. This will result in a collaboration known as a: Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities, or .green online.

This adoption will represent a global response as businesses, non-profit organizations, communities, individuals and governmental agencies across the world showcase their commitment to sustainable practices. The .green TLD will serve, represent, and drive the global green movement online. Connectivity, awareness, sharing, transparency, innovation, and collaboration the Internet affords, will enhance the green movement online. At the same time, .green domain name sales will be an automatic vehicle for philanthropy to support people and the planet in all regions of the world, giving all .green registrants and users the value of information, and community action around common issues of sustainability on a global scale.

18.1.2 PURPOSE

The purpose of the .green TLD is to utilize the Internet for good. This altruistic purpose behind the design of the .green TLD will provide benefits to Internet users, registrants, the green community and the world as a whole in a multitude of ways including but not limited to:

• Promoting Competition, Consumer Choice, and Consumer Trust
• Supporting the Green Movement
• Boosting the Economy
• Embedding Charity and Philanthropy
• Cultivating Community

Promoting Competition, Consumer Choice, and Consumer Trust
A primary purpose for the introduction of the .green TLD is to address demand for new TLDs that can enhance competition, consumer choice, and trust. The .green TLD addresses this demand by enhancing the meaning of domain extensions for registrants focused on sustainability. By contributing to the diversity of the TLD namespace, registrants and end users of the Internet in all regions of the world will have increased consumer choice, and will experience benefits built around values of transparency, authenticity, and accountability. Through the combination of Internet competencies, inclusivity, and the shared values of the green movement, the .green domain name will augment consumer trust. The .green TLD is a space in which all registrants around the world can confidently identify their online and “sustainable” presence. Technical security enhancements, detailed in Question 18c also contribute to consumer trust.

Supporting the Green Movement
It is the natural purpose of the .green TLD to promote the green movement online. DGC’s opportunity to meet demand relies on the intersection of dramatic growth in both the Internet and the green movement, and will help spur the transition to sustainable ways of life as all governments, businesses, peoples and cultures of the world engage. Value Created in the forms of social, environmental, and economic capital, which leverage the power and competencies of the Internet, will help weave the green movement into the navigational fabric of the Internet. The introduction of a .green TLD responds to the urgency of a needed shift to sustainable alternatives for all people. This purpose will raise awareness globally, creating a sense of inclusivity and the need to transition to sustainable alternatives, combined with increased demand for green products and services, information, and education. The .green TLD will provide registrants and end Internet users a tool to communicate efforts around sustainability, whether it is a first step in the direction of going green or part of a longstanding expression of core values, the concept of “green” grows by all and can be redefined by the collective actions, beliefs, and ideas of a global community of Internet registrants and users. The .green concept has also been formed with the purpose of enabling individuals and organizations to extend the reach and scope of their ideas, brands, and ability to influence the green movement. Awareness created is the important framework for a shift to global green consciousness among the world’s citizens, promoting a cycle of good in the forward movement towards our future.

Boosting the Economy
Another primary purpose for the creation of the .green TLD is to facilitate green economic growth across industries, and around the world. The green economy has come to represent the pinnacle of economic innovation, and the potential for further economic growth and job creation. The .green TLD in relation to the green economy will provide ease and clarity for Internet users and registrants who wish to:

1. Enable a Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities (.GREEN) through unity around Green action.
2. Identify contributors of the green movement online
3. Disseminate green information
4. Promote all available green products and services
5. Demonstrate registrant participation in the green economy
6. Create opportunities for further innovation in the green economy
7. Respond to increased consumer demand for green economic growth
8. Provide opportunities for the largest users of environmental and social capital to address reputational issues surrounding policy development and implementation; and,
9. Showcase the importance of governments and their green policies and initiatives in the greater global picture.

The .green TLD seeks to symbolize the new online green economy, and to collectively galvanize growth across all industry sectors.

Embedding Charity and Philanthropy
An obvious and essential purpose for the .green TLD is DGC’s integration of public benefit charity ideals, aspirational approaches to stakeholder engagement, and grant giving to green projects and programs aimed at sustainability in every region of the world including initiatives around Internet penetration and adoption which are directly connected to the green movement. DGC includes automatic philanthropy with domain registration by contributing to the DotGreenFoundation.org, a Non-profit 501(c)3 For-Public Benefit Charity, and to EarthShare.org, the world’s leading federation of 400 environmental and conservation organizations.

Cultivating Community
It is also a central tenet of the .green TLD to facilitate community engagement within the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)and the global green movement. The DotGreen Community, Inc. embraces participation in the multi-stakeholder process at ICANN where open access and transparency for Internet policy development occurs. Global organizations, such as the Internet SOCiety (ISOC) and the Government Advisory Committee to ICANN (GAC) and many others, ensure Internet benefits are fully realized by fostering consumer trust through increased consumer awareness, robust discussion, freedom of expression, and transparency.

DGC seeks broad participation in the .green namespace. Standards and policies are designed to favor inclusivity in the online green movement and encourage unrestrictive green participation through the same principals of increased consumer awareness, robust discussion, freedom of expression, and transparency in the .green TLD namespace

Benefits to Internet users and registrants are detailed in the answer to the following question, 18b.

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