18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.istIstanbul Metropolitan MunicipalityView

Istanbul, being one of the oldest and magnificent cities of the world, is now excited to add one more gem to its unique richness. Istanbul assumes the title of a prestigious TLD Registry, in addition to its numerous titles as a precious center of arts, science, culture, history and tolerance in the world.

The .ist TLDʹs mission is to create ʺISTʺ brand for Istanbul at national and international levels, provide an alternative usage as short-form for Istanbul, encourage innovation, help local businesses to thrive, market and promote tourism in the Istanbul, and spread the dynamic image and the brand value of Istanbul around the world. Through the introduction of a new unrestricted top-level domain name, serving as new resources for local and global enterprises and entrepreneurs, will provide the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (the ʺIMMʺ) and portfolio owners with new opportunities to generate new income and will support the development of the City and economy as well as introducing the cultural and historical heritage of Istanbul to the world. Everyone will have the opportunity to chose their online presence through ʺ.istʺ TLD or ʺ.istanbulʺ TLD.

New revenue streams

The TLD will enable the IMM to generate new income streams by licensing second-level domain names to local businesses, citizens, visitors, non-profits, and other organizations no matter whether they are Turkish citizens or not. In addition, with locally branded affiliations city portalsʹ administrations will be able to extend the IMMʹs revenue opportunities from the physical world to the virtual. These new ways and new revenue-generating possibilities will enable a considerable resource for the IMM to support its services for the public and City development as well as to support its unique initiatives for tourism and economic development.

By providing new revenue streams and business opportunities for local and global businesses and entrepreneurs as well as for the City government, the TLD will support economic growth and development on a large scale primarily in domestic and subsequently in foreign markets.

Increased recognition

The TLD will help to reinforce the visibility of the Istanbul by becoming the ʺofficialʺ Internet resource for citizens and visitors. It will potentially become a high-profile virtual space to connect people who loves Istanbul, discuss ideas, support diverse ethnic and cultural groups, and enable citizens to interact with civic departments, public officials, and Cityʹs representatives.

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its history dates back to thousands of years possessing the invaluable treasures of ancient times. It was home to many civilizations, and has preserved the cultures peacefully. It keeps the best examples of urbanism, architecture, art and culture. It is an exceptional global city preserving the cultural properties of ancient times which are still safe and standing.
By the mission of having such an extraordinary treasure, our aim is to introduce history of Istanbul, spread information about its unique values and increase awareness of Istanbul around the world. This TLD will create a global resource for this precious city, which will bring information for the next generations.

Throughout its history, Istanbul has always affected the world and it still does. We believe that this TLD will support to increase brand awareness, recognition, and reputation of the Istanbul around the world. In this sense, it will support to promote and market tourism and culture in the Istanbul globally.

Enhanced online profile, security, control and trust

The TLD will make it easier for citizens to access their local administration with simple, remarkable and memorable web sites and email addresses with short-form for Istanbul. We believe that this will support to use of available e-government applications and improve communication and interaction between local government and citizens. In addition, the TLD will enable the City administrations to launch new e-government initiatives, inform citizens about emergencies, and advertise services, tourism, local events, public transportation, legislation, and local issues. Therefore, it will empower and drive new interaction ways for citizens and government employees.

The administration of the TLDs by the IMM will also help improve trust and confidence. Every entity with a second-level domain name, from the largest organization to individuals, could potentially benefit from the potential prestige, visibility, and authenticity conferred by the TLDs.

In addition to creating awareness in foreign countries, this TLD proposal which has been prepared and developed by the light of the recent, actual and experienced processes and policies of the registries with assistance of its back-end registry service provider, is the strongest support for the objective of Istanbul to become a world brand.

In the future, we believe that “.ist” TLD will be an engine of innovation that will support the growth and development of all people, all the enterprises and entrepreneurs across the world, particularly in Istanbul and Turkey.

Furthermore, we believe that Istanbul has to take a part of this program. Istanbul which leads the world cities, competes with other cities in every platform with its population, history, culture structure, cosmopolitan status and economic power, deserves the participation in this program and operate this new TLDs. In order to achieve this process and management of TLD Registry successfully, all public and government institutes and agencies of Istanbul will be mobilized and will make all necessary sacrifices in every aspect of the TLDs operations.

Summary of Key Headlines About Istanbul

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul (Turkey), President of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)

- He served as President of MEWA (Middle East West Asia) and Vice-President of UCLG between 2004 and 2007, and was Co-President of UCLG from 2007 to 2010. In November 2010 he was also elected as the President of the UCLG for a term of 3 years, and he is currently serving as the President of UCLG.

Location and Population

- With a history of 8.500 years, Istanbulʹs location is strategically important for Balkans, Caucasia and the Asia.
- Istanbul has two strategic air ports in terms of geopolitical location. Access to 3 continents, about 75 countries and 2,7 billion people by 4-5 hours of flight from Istanbul. 43 million people travel by air per year with 1,056 flights per day.
- A city with a scale of a countryʹs. Istanbul is larger than 23 European countries with its geography and population of 13 million people. 37% of the total population comprises young people in 25-39 ages group.

Economy and Market

- Istanbul generates about 23% of Turkeyʹs Gross National Product (GNP). Its annual contribution to the state budget is about 40%.
- According to a recent survey in global metropolitan economies*, Istanbul ranked number one developing city among 150 great metropolises such as Singapore (4), Rio de Janeiro (10), Moscow (47), Chicago (82) and Paris (96).
- According to a research in the worldʹs richest cities* indicated interesting results, with Istanbul surpassing 127 countries with its $133 billion yearly income.

History, Culture and Tourism

- Istanbul is an UNESCO world heritage city.
- Awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2010.
- Awarded the title of European Capital of Sport 2012.
- Istanbul is the strongest candidate city to 2020 Olympic Games.
- Istanbul ranked 49th in congress tourism in 1998, and today it ranks 7th with hosting over 100 congresses.
- In Istanbul, 1 billion 997 million TL of investment were made in the field of Culture and Tourism between the years of 2004-2012.

* Resources and detailed headlines are provided at the question #48 Funding and Revenue as Attachment48d4.

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