18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameDetail
.vermögensberatungDeutsche Vermögensberatung Aktiengesellschaft DVAGView

The TLD is intended to benefit internet users by enabling DVAG, its authorized commercial agents, employees and affiliates to communicate more easily and effectively with all Internet users, and particularly with its customers and business associates. Internet users will benefit from a more distinctive and trustworthy Internet experience in dealing with DVAG and its network of commercial agents, thus further enhancing the outstanding customer service experience offered by the DVAG corporation.

DVAG expects to benefit from the TLD due to an increased spectrum of marketing. By utilizing the dictionary term “vermögensberatung”, which is intrinsically related to the goods and services the company provides, DVAG believes it will be able to reach a new, broader range of clients. Additionally, it will provide the company with an ample supply of relevant and available domain names to use in their business.

Within this new TLD space, DVAG will maintain strong control over its online brand and services, and will further provide users with robust privacy and security features. In turn, those benefits are certain to result in a better Internet user experience, particularly for those Internet users interested in DVAG’s financial services agents and products.

The “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space will bring the additional benefit of increased Internet user security for the clients who trust DVAG with their financial resources and investment portfolios. DVAG’s clients have a great interest in Internet security, and seek to communicate with their financial institution and commercial agents in a clean, safe online environment. DVAG is working with its Registry Service Provider to establish strong safeguards in order to ensure that the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space provides and exceptional, trustworthy platform for its clients transactional needs.

i) What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of specialty, service levels, or reputation?

The TLD ultimately is intended to function as an advertising and service platform for the DVAG company and its authorized financial brokers. It is intended to function with leading-edge technologies and business practices, ensuring a trustworthy and positive user experience. The goal is to expand DVAG’s existing online infrastructure, services and marketing to encourage Internet users to interact with the company and its agents online. DVAG anticipates having an ample supply of relevant domain names available for its use, which will assist in the marketing of its products, the delivery of our products and services through authorized financial agents, and the development of new services.

All “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” domain name registrations will incorporate the Domain Name Registration and Usage Policy for “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG,” which outlines the acceptable use guidelines for the space. A draft version of this Policy is provided in the answer to question 18(c) below. Such Policy will be further incorporated into any license agreement made between DVAG and its affiliates, commercial agents, employees or subsidiaries who may from time to time be authorized to license “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” domain names. A domain name license may be revoked by DVAG at any time if the licensee does not comply with the acceptable use requirements contained in the Policy, or any other contractual requirements as may be established in the particular license agreement.

Domain names within the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space may be used to provide specific information about DVAG’s products and services, branch locations, and authorized commercial agents. They may additionally be used to provide information relevant to, inter alia, particular geographic locations, product lines or investment strategies. For instance, clients seeking information about the innovative investment strategy known as the “ALLFINANZ-Konzept,” developed by DVAG’s founder Professor Dr. Reinfried Pohl, might look to the website at “ALLFINANZ.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG.” Likewise, a client seeking a listing of authorized commercial agents in his geographic location might search the site “MÜNCHEN.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” for more information.

This user-friendly, centralized network of financial information will greatly benefit Internet users and DVAG’s consumers, thus enhancing the reputation of the DVAG company and instilling a high level of trust in those who visit the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space.

ii) What do you anticipate your proposed gTLD will add to the current space, in terms of competition, differentiation, or innovation?

The TLD will provide an alternative for DVAG and its commercial agents to the current TLDs. This space, which utilizes a well-known German word for “financial counseling” will serve as an intuitive destination for Internet users new to the field of financial investment. Consumers seeking information concerning investments, or interested in researching possible financial solutions and opportunities, will be assisted by the space. It is a logical, clear place to look for answers, and DVAG will provide such answers in a well-organized, structured, and secure manner.

Since the TLD comprises a dictionary term, the space is an intuitive location for Internet users familiar with the German language. Such Internet users will be able to directly navigate to the intuitive domains provided within the space, saving time and resources as compared to the use of a generalized search engine. If consumers are looking for information concerning financial counseling services they will know where to look, and will be presented with a range of helpful information, DVAG products, licensed agents, and quality services.

This provision of goods and services in intuitive, easy-to-locate spaces provides a great benefit to the virtual marketplace. Consumers will naturally seek products, services and information in a space that identifies itself as a relevant location, through the use of a commonly-known generic term. Although Internet users might not initially be aware of the space, DVAG intends to utilize the new TLD extensively in its marketing and advertising campaigns in order to publicize the new location.

The “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” TLD will allow DVAG to innovate and create many uses for domain names which today are too complicated or completely unforeseen. Today, it is often difficult to find a relevant and easily available domain name for the launch of a new product or campaign from existing registration providers. Even if one is found, often pricing is prohibitive because the domain name is only available on the secondary market. All new domains must be purchased from third parties and then managed as corporate assets. These expenses and complications, which can hinder companies and, in some cases, delay the release of innovative new products and services to the public, can be dramatically reduced over time. Furthermore, an ample supply of immediately available, inexpensive domain names relevant to DVAG and its activities are likely to pay dividends in additional ways which are currently difficult to foresee.

Furthermore, the proposed “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” TLD will be a “clean space” for consumers seeking information about the company, its commercial agents and its products. Since DVAG will have control over all of the registrations in the space, there is no risk of abusive use of these domain names. There will be no opportunity for bad actors to impersonate authorized financial agents, perpetrate fraud, or engage in dangerous and illegal internet scams such as phishing or pharming. Internet users will find only authentic, DVAG-authorized content within this space, providing them with a level of comfort and safety which the current gTLD landscape cannot give them. The “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” pages will connect Internet users to authorized, safe sites, helping them to find relevant resources and information.

iii) What goals does your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience?

The goal is to use DVAG’s online infrastructure, services and marketing to encourage Internet users to interact online with the company. More specifically, DVAG intends for users to perceive the TLD as a trustworthy online location, wherein to find information about financial counselling services and DVAG products. DVAG will use advanced technical and policy measures to ensure the security of online transactions and communications, and to ensure that domain names in the TLD are only used for authorized purposes. DVAG intends to provide a safe and legitimate Internet space, enhancing user experience by mitigating security-associated risks. This is particularly important in the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space, as the users of the associated websites may be engaging in investment and financial services transactions.

The TLD will reinforce the ideals of the DVAG corporation. Therefore, domains within the TLD will only be used for purposes authorized by DVAG, and the company will closely monitor the content of any and all licensed domains. Domain usage guidelines will be established and enforced in order to safeguard the Internet user experience and the reputation of the space. In addition, the TLD will provide an easily navigable and predictable domain name space.

The Internet user can expect, when entering the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” TLD, to find authentic, up-to-date information displayed in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate fashion. Second-level registrations will be carefully selected by DVAG, and their content routinely monitored to ensure that Internet users receive the maximum benefit when utilizing the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space.

Thus, the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space is designed to provide an unparalleled user experience in terms of stability, safety, and facile user interface.

iv) Provide a complete description of the applicant’s intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above.

It is envisaged that DVAG will be the sole registrant of domain names within the TLD, which will ensure that such domain names only are used for purposes authorized by DVAG in its online brand promotion efforts. A draft version of the anticipated Domain Name Registration and Use Policy for the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space is provided at the end of the answer to question 18(c).

v) Will your proposed gTLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users?

DVAG intends for users to perceive the TLD as a unique, trustworthy source of its online information and services. User trust is enhanced when said users are confident that they are in fact interacting with the website and service they are intending to interact with, and that their private or confidential information is securely protected. DVAG intends to use advanced technical and policy measures to reasonably ensure the security of online transactions and communications, and to reasonably ensure that domain names in the TLD are only used for authorized purposes. DVAG intends to provide a safe and legitimate Internet space, enhancing user experience by mitigating security-associated risks.

DVAG intends to deploy DNSSEC and to comply with all of the other policies and practices required by ICANN in the Registry Agreement and⁄or via any Consensus Policy. DVAG will also comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to Internet security and the privacy of users’ confidential information.

Furthermore, DVAG already employs commercially reasonable practices with respect to the security of online transactions and users’ private or confidential information. DVAG is committed to making the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space fully compliant with all published best practices guidelines, including the APWG Anti-Phishing Best Practices for Registrars, and the SSAC docs: SAC 007, 025, 028, 035, 038, 040 (available at: http:⁄⁄www.icann.org⁄en⁄committees⁄security⁄ssac-documents.htm). For further information concerning privacy protections and data security within the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space, please refer to the answers contained in section 23 below.

vi) Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve your projected benefits.

DVAG plans to use the TLD in many of its marketing initiatives and in relation to many of its core operations and services. Use of the TLD in this way will effectively reach out and communicate to the intended audience the opportunities available to them within the TLD. Not only will such marketing inform individuals and prospective clients about the information available within the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” space for the particular goods or services covered in the advertising, but will also introduce them to the many other opportunities available within the TLD. Once familiar with the space, they will learn to take advantage of the wide range of services offered, and the easy-to-use, intuitive layout of the space overall.

For example, a user who first sees an advertisement for “product.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” may later directly navigate to search within “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” for information concerning other products or services offered by the company. Besides DVAG’s own specific efforts to communicate the “.VERMÖGENSBERATUNG” TLD to its intended audience, DVAG believes it will be the natural next step for its audience, and relevant media organizations, to further communicate information about the TLD as they speak or report about the company. In sum, outreach and communication are important in order to achieve the projected benefits of the TLD, but also will be inherent in DVAG’s use of the TLD space, and further will be enhanced by the viral nature of communications about the company’s work.

As it seems there will be many new TLDs presented to Internet users in the coming years, it is expected that the outreach, communications and media relating to each of them, individually, will lead to collective benefit insofar as many Internet users will quickly grasp the concept behind these TLDs, and will expect many companies and corporate communities to operate them in generally consistent ways. Internet users will be quick to adapt to the coming changes in the DNS, as new opportunities will be presented to them that will greatly enhance their browsing experiences. As users see the benefits offered to them in these new spaces, they will adopt the new locations and mechanisms as the online landscape evolves.

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