18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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i. Resolving competing applications
Policy Context
The Registry is committed to the broad policy goals expressed by ICANN in the evolution of this round of expansion of TLDs. Consistent with those policies, it is committed to providing a scalable, comprehensive and stable addition to the DNS.

Registry choice and consumers
Although all Registrars may choose to offer the TLD, the Registry will seek to work with specialists. A key consumer benefit will flow from the right selection of such specialist Registrars. As part of the selection process, the Registry will evaluate each specialist registrar on a case-by-case basis, weighing the following characteristics:
Thorough understanding of the principles and intentions underlying the registration policies;
Geographic and language diversity reflecting the diversity of the Community in its region
Dedicated willingness and ability to propagate and enforce specifications or policies in an observant and diligent manner and in accordance with policies and procedures prescribed by Registry Operator;
Demonstrated willingness and ability to publicize and market the TLD, and to use TLD marketing materials as appropriate;
Demonstration that sufficient staff resources are available and that the ability to interface with automated and manual elements of the TLD registry process is inbuilt;
Demonstrated systems designed to avoid submission of clearly inappropriate applicants and
Demonstrated systems designed to avoid any disputes regarding transfers among registrars.
In order to ensure a fair and open opportunity to enter into a registry⁄registrar agreement, the Registry will review and revise our selection of registrars and registrar criteria from time to time.

Competing Applications and Intellectual Property Protection - Sunrise
In relation to contention that involve intellectual property, The Registry will minimise costs to consumers in protecting their intellectual property through the following mechanisms:
(i) implementation of the Schedule of Reserved Names set out in Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement
(ii) implementation and adherence to rights protection mechanisms that may be mandated from time to time by ICANN, including all mechanisms mandated in Specification 7 of the Registry Agreement
(iii) implementation in accordance with the requirements established by ICANN of each of the mandatory rights protection mechanisms set forth in the Trademark Clearinghouse
(iv) compliance with ICANN rules on dispute resolution mechanism as they may be revised from time to time, including the Trademark Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure (PDDRP) and the Registration Restriction Dispute Resolution Procedure (RRDRP) when the final procedure is adopted
(v) compliance with the Uniform Rapid Suspension system (URS)
(vi) Sunrise registration services in accordance with the Registry Agreement. The Sunrise period will be in place for at least a 30 day period to allow eligible rights holders to register names in the TLD. Clear rules for the Sunrise policy and processes will be published well ahead of Registry launch. There will be a Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy.
(vii) A Notification service to trade mark owners who have registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse that someone else is applying for a Sunrise registration for an exact match.
(viii) A Trademark Claims service (for at least 60 days) to provides notice to potential registrants of existing trademark rights that are registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (that is, a warning to not register a name that might infringe).

Competing Applications - Landrush and General Availability
The Applicant is dedicated to ensuring a fair opportunity for all users to register a domain name to which they are legally entitled.

(i) Following the Sunrise period the Registry will operate a Landrush to allocate premium names.
(ii) At the close of Landrush General Availability will start. This will be on a first-come first-served model.
(iii) Expired names: The Registry believes that all domain name registrants should be on an equal footing in terms of securing an expired domain name. For this reason, certain expired names may be pooled for auction.

Full details of the Sunrise and Landrush policies and processes will be made available in due course.

ii. Explain any cost benefits for registrants you intend to implement (eg advantageous pricing, introductory discounts, bulk registration discounts)

The Applicant is committed to a pricing policy that advances its mission. Consistent with this policy, the Registry will implement the following.

Billing and Collection Procedures
The Registryʹs billing and collections procedures will be consistent with existing industry procedures. All payments for new TLD registrations will be on an upfront payment basis. No registration will be completed until the registry receives payment. Because registry services to the registrant will be provided through the registrars, all billing and collections policy matters with respect to the registrant will be the responsibility of the registrars.

Registration Prices
Registration prices will be at the discretion of individual accredited registrars. It will be in the interests of Registrars to price registration competitively and offer attractive additional services in order to maximize the number of registrations they secure.

The Registry will set a fixed price to the Registrar for each domain name registration per year.

Registrars will be required to register each domain name for a period of one, five or ten years.

Registrars will be required to remit a registration to the Registry for the exact period of the Registry-Registrant agreement.

For domain name renewal fees, the Registry will similarly charge a fixed price to Registrars for each renewal year.

The Registry has chosen a flat annual registration and renewal fee structure so that it reduces costs to the Internet user community.

iii. Price increase policy
Price increase policy
In conformity with the Registry Agreement, the Registry will provide advance written notice to Registrars of price increases. The Applicant is mindful of the diverse stakeholder input during the development of the New gTLD Registry Agreement. Consistent with support of ICANNʹs policy on the expansion of the DNS, it will give full consideration to the enduring diverse and communal interests if and when price escalation is initiated.

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