18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameDetail
.CIALISEli Lilly and CompanyView

18.2 How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Lilly believes that the proposed .CIALIS gTLD has the potential to offer the following benefits to Internet users and consumers:

-Establish a trusted source of information for the millions of patients, partners, and health care professionals who use or are involved with Lilly’s Cialis product and related services, as well as for investors and others seeking information regarding Lilly’s Cialis product, Lilly’s affiliates and subsidiaries, and their products and services, and for the general Internet user population;

-Provide Lilly and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates with short and memorable Internet addresses related to the Cialis product;

-Develop a potential platform for secure access to Cialis-related information for consumers, in order to minimize the likelihood of accessing counterfeit or illegal versions of the medicine that pose a risk to patient safety; and

-Potentially provide Lilly and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates with an online single source-identifying function related to the Cialis product for its current and future customers around the globe.

Currently Lilly operates a number of websites that correspond to the various geographic regions in which it has a substantial presence. Lilly uses a combination of second-level and top-level domain names in connection with these websites. Lilly believes that the .CIALIS gTLD could help to provide a more intuitive source-identifying function for its current and future customers around the globe.

18.2.1 What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of specialty, service levels, or reputation?

The primary mission and purpose of the .CIALIS gTLD is to provide a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive virtual platform to deliver content and information about Lillyʹs business, the Cialis product, and services related to that product. As Lilly’s business model continues to evolve, it is the company’s desire to pursue and develop new opportunities to provide its online content and services to consumers in the U.S. and internationally on a variety of platforms, including the Internet and mobile devices. Given that customers increasingly request access to information about Lilly and its products through a variety of channels, including via websites using domain names, Lilly believes that the .CIALIS gTLD has the potential to provide an innovative, virtual avenue to Lilly that will deepen and broaden the companyʹs relationship with patients, partners, health care professionals, and other stakeholders.

Most importantly, Lilly will be able to provide access to Cialis product information and other related online content in a namespace devoid of cybersquatting, sales of counterfeit or illegal medicines, and other malicious activities. Patient safety is paramount to Lilly and it is anticipated that the .CIALIS gTLD will help further that goal. The .CIALIS gTLD has the potential to offer Internet users a safe and intuitive means of accessing authorized content from Lilly and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates related to the Cialis product.

18.2.2 What do you anticipate your proposed gTLD will add to the current space, in terms of competition, differentiation, or innovation?

As a branded gTLD, the primary driving factors behind the .CIALIS gTLD are differentiation and innovation. The success of .CIALIS will not be measured by the number of domain names registered, but rather by the levels of consumer recognition and trust that are placed in the gTLD. More specifically, Lilly will be able to communicate to Internet users that the .CIALIS namespace provides a safe and trusted place to find information about Lilly’s Cialis product and related services.

18.2.3 What goals does your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience?

Lilly believes that the .CIALIS gTLD will provide a single, trusted experience for the millions of consumers worldwide who use the Cialis product and related services, as well as for those seeking information related to Cialis, such as investors, health care professionals, partners, and patients. In addition to providing consumers with short and intuitive domain names to remember, the .CIALIS gTLD will indicate to Internet users that the domains and website content are owned and controlled by Lilly and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates, thus demonstrating to users that the information is safe from spam and other potentially infringing or harmful content.

The initial use of the .CIALIS gTLD will be primarily defensive in nature, with Lilly registering a limited number of second-level domain names. This initial use will provide Lilly’s IT and security personnel with an opportunity to test access to Lilly’s Cialis-related websites, and ensure interoperability with various software and Web-⁄mobile-based applications. Once the appropriate security and stability issues have been satisfactorily addressed, Lilly will likely begin allocating domain names for internal corporate use and may redirect new .CIALIS domain names to preexisting content. This phased rollout will likely take place over a multi-year period, and is subject to change depending upon a range of external factors.

During this same period of time, Lilly will evaluate potential strategies for use of the .CIALIS gTLD in other ways that will advance Lilly’s corporate mission and goals.

18.2.4 Provide a complete description of the applicant’s intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above.

Lilly currently intends for the .CIALIS gTLD to be exclusively used by Lilly and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates, at least for the first three years of operation. By virtue of its corporate relationship with those entities, Lilly will be able to require that the use of the .CIALIS gTLD is in support of the goals listed above. In the event of an expansion to approved partners and others as described above, Lilly will require that such use of the .CIALIS gTLD supports the goals listed above by means of the terms and conditions of the relevant agreements that such other parties will execute.

18.2.5 Will your proposed gTLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users? If so, please describe any such measures.

As a global pharmaceutical company, Lilly recognizes that this is an evolving area of law. Due to the fact that every domain name will be registered to Lilly and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates, at least for the first three years of operation, and because the .CIALIS gTLD will be identified with Lilly, the company has a vested interest in ensuring that accurate and current domain name information is readily available in connection with each .CIALIS domain name. All private or confidential information will be protected as required by applicable law.

Lilly will ensure that the operation of the .CIALIS gTLD will be consistent with Lillyʹs Privacy Policy available here: http:⁄⁄www.lilly.com⁄privacy⁄Pages⁄default.aspx.

In addition, Lilly intends to incorporate contractual language in its Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) modeled after language that has been included in the template Registry Agreement and that has been successfully utilized by existing ICANN gTLD Registry Operators.

The template Registry Agreement states, “Registry Operator shall (i) notify each ICANN-accredited registrar that is a party to the registry-registrar agreement for the TLD of the purposes for which data about any identified or identifiable natural person (“Personal Data”) submitted to Registry Operator by such registrar is collected and used under this Agreement or otherwise and the intended recipients (or categories of recipients) of such Personal Data, and (ii) require such registrar to obtain the consent of each registrant in the TLD for such collection and use of Personal Data. Registry Operator shall take reasonable steps to protect Personal Data collected from such registrar from loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction. Registry Operator shall not use or authorize the use of Personal Data in a way that is incompatible with the notice provided to registrars.”

18.2.6 Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve your projected benefits.

As noted above, Lilly’s driving factor in securing the .CIALIS gTLD in ICANN’s first gTLD application round is precautionary in nature, and while Lilly sees the potential for this gTLD to play a large role in Lilly’s future online strategic initiatives, there are a number of unanswered questions concerning consumer recognition, the adoption of new gTLDs, and the response from search engines in the marketplace that will influence both the usage of the gTLD and communications about that usage.

Notwithstanding this, Lilly plans to start using .CIALIS domains initially as redirects to some existing .COM websites. Lilly also plans to carefully review the release of new gTLDs by others, the response from search engines to new gTLDs, and consumer perception. As the marketplace evolves, Lilly will reasonably invest in outreach and communication as needed to help its consumers and partners to continue to interact with Lilly’s Cialis-related content in a simplified and more intuitive manner.

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