18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.salonAesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network Pty LtdView

APAN (Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network Pty Ltd) is applying to become an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited Top Level Domain (TLD) registry and believes it meets the operational, technical and financial capabilities requirements to win and securely operate the TLD (Top Level Domain) registry. Accordingly, the Mission and Purpose of the proposed TLD reflects the goals and Policy Rules that are necessary to achieve their objectives. The TLD and the proposed gTLD (Global Top Level Domain) refer to the same information.


APAN recognizes that the hair and beauty industry globally has a mission to improve consumer morale and confidence through services, techniques and products that minimize stress and enhance the clientʹs wellbeing and appearance. This is equally significant and important during difficult economic times.

Understanding the challenges that hinder the survival and growth of this business sector, APAN’s mission is to provide a new innovative vehicle through the launch of an industry-specific domain name space DOT SALON that will enhance this sector’s visibility, market exposure, support consumer interaction, improve sustainability and stimulate opportunities for future growth.


Through a more efficient and targeted innovative tool APAN’s purpose is to substantially improve and optimize the salon industry’s exposure, support the accessibility of existing customers and simplify the ability for new consumers who are seeking to use their products and service to locate them. Through the introduction of an ICANN accredited Top Level Domain (TLD) and the launch of the proposed gTLD APAN’s ultimate aim is to foster a new environment that will enhance business growth to a more robust state than is currently experienced world-wide. Having a new industry-specific targeted tool will also minimize costs to registrants removing the need of multiple domain names within the various domain spaces in order to maximize their exposure. More specifically the purpose of APAN is to:

2.1. Introduce choice to businesses to improve their exposure through a more specific and targeted domain name space DOT SALON as marketed through registrars world-wide.
2.2. For salons who were not able to closely match their business name with their web name the new proposed TLD will allow them the opportunity to now do so, rather than having to rely on abstract connections between their business name and domain name.
2.3. Consumers will be able to recognize them as a salon as their web name will now clearly identify them as a salon.
2.4. Optimizing the domain name space will support diversification and create a new innovative way for salons to quickly and effectively update consumers on new advances and offers in a timely manner.
2.5. By providing an effective, efficient and economical tool to optimize their market presence, businesses will now be able to grow their market share with greater ease.
2.6. By providing registrars with industry-specific information registrars will be able to put together packages to further support and boost business communication and growth for this sector and create a greater incentive for users to be actively involved with the Internet through a stronger and more focused Internet presence.
2.7. It will boost brand awareness, visibility, reputation, and enhance healthy competition through this targeted tool that can optimize the communication of information and provide a stronger Web and Internet presence.
2.8. The proposed TLD will also benefit both registrants and end users by helping free up a number of domains in other domain name spaces that they have previously occupied.
2.9. Through the proposed TLD registrars will now be able to offer registrants (salon businesses) the provision to make available to them a salon-specific domain name rather than them taking names in inappropriate name spaces e.g. dot org or dot name etc.

3. The new proposed TLD will allow end users to better understand the availability of options, enhance consumer trust and confidence by improving their ability to access information they are looking for with greater speed and ease.
3.1. The proposed TLD will allow businesses to gain the confidence in developing new innovative ideas to increase their market share and grow their businesses.

The Mission and Purpose of the proposed TLD support the financial strength and commitment of the proposed gTLD to meet the operational and financial capability requirements to operate the TLD registry in accordance with ICANNʹs requirements.

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