18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameDetail
.香港電訊PCCW-HKT DataCom Services LimitedView

At HKT, we have a Risk Management department and other internal controls in place to supervise the usage and operation should we decide to widely use the gTLD.

At the moment, there’s no immediate plan to offer the gTLD to specific external communities.

In the case we decide to offer the .hkt TLD for external communities, the Registry is committed to introducing the .hkt and .香港電訊 TLDs in an orderly manner to minimize the social costs and maximize the social value of the TLD. The Registry shall be able to develop and implement a comprehensive startup process that would include, besides Sunrise and Landrush processes, other rights protection mechanisms to ensure the orderly introduction of the TLD. More detailed explanation of the overall startup process is included in #29. .

In response to the question specifically:

1. Mechanisms for Resolving Multiple Applications to a Domain

A comprehensive Sunrise and Landrush program will be put in place at the launch of the TLD if we are to decide to offer the TLD to the public . The selected registry back-end services provider and the registry front-end services provider shall have experience and knowledge in the development of a suitable Sunrise and Landrush program that complies with Specification 7 of the new gTLD agreement as a minimum and will also include additional rights protection mechanisms as well as mechanisms for resolving multiple applications to a domain when the TLD is first launched. More detailed explanation of the approach is included in #29.

After Sunrise and Landrush, in the cases of contention against abusive registrations, the Registry will adhere to the UDRP and URS procedures.

2. Cost Benefits for Registrants

The Registry may implement periodic cost reduction programs to encourage the adoption of the TLD by registrants. Introductory programs may also be important to drive awareness and interest in the TLD as well.

3. Contractual Commitments to Registrants

The Registry will abide by the ICANN Registry Agreement requirements as well as ICANN Consensus Policies, including offering domain registrations for periods of one to ten years at the discretion of the registrar upon GoLive (when normal first-come-first-served registrations begin).

Besides policies and rules implemented by the Registry, the applicant believes that prudent operations as an economically viable and socially responsible TLD operator is an important mitigation of increased social costs as a new gTLD is being introduced. The Registry will leverage the knowledge and expertise from its selected registry back-end and front-end service providers (to be assigned) to ensure that a substantial portion of the costs for operating the registry is managed in variable costs leveraging the economies of scale from already established operations and focus on delivering value to registrants and consumers with the introduction of the .hkt and .香港電訊 TLDs and its mission and features.

Other Operating Rules Which Eliminate Or Minimise Social Costs

Abusive registrations will be prevented through having in place and enforcing a robust anti-abuse policy; this policy is described in detail in the response to Question 28. The selected back-end registry services provider shall have extensive experience and responsive mechanism to defend against DDOS attacks as well as preventive measures against abusive spamming, phishing, etc. Above and beyond the Trademark Clearing House requirements, additional abuse prevention and rights protection mechanisms will be put in place.

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