18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.新闻Xinhua News Agency Guangdong Branch 新华通讯社广东分社View

The .新闻TLD aims to become a platform for dispatching news and other forms of mass communications such as personal or business broadcasts on the Internet. The .新闻 TLD aspires to attract both traditional news establishments and non-traditional news establishments including brands and individuals to utilize the TLD to broadcast to the world their news.

Traditional and Non-traditional News Establishments

Newspapers and other print media were once the go to source for news. With the availability of the around the clock television and news channels along with the rise of the World Wide Web, print circulations, particularly that of news prints, have been on a steady decline since the late 1990. Today, it has become imperative for all news establishments to be online, including mobile or electronic reading device channels, to stay relevant in the current mass media landscape.

Ad revenues, life line of traditional print publications, are drying up fast and shifting to virtual platforms. According to TechCrunch, online ad spending is expected to soar to 36 billion in 2012, while offline spending continue to nosedive. (http:⁄⁄techcrunch.com⁄2011⁄06⁄08⁄online-ad-spending-31-billion⁄) In fact a number of recent publications started in the late 1990s and 2000s choose to stay online exclusively, such as the popular technology web publication Techcruch itself; the current affairs news site Huffington post; and UK’s first online only regional paper, the Southport Reporter. Even veteran publications like the US News & World Report and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer are abandoning print altogether.

Most important of all, many of the news establishments and agencies take pride in their work beyond “commercial” interests. Therefore a home on the Internet that is not labelled “.com” (commerce) would allow them to better express their identity. As a Chinese IDN TLD, “.新闻” aims to be the home for traditional as well as non-traditional news establishments not only in China but also the Chinese community around the world.

New Generation of News Consumers

ComScore reported that today’s younger news consumers are more likely to get their news online. Jack Flanagan, vice president of comScore notes “the Internet represents a significant opportunity to extend – and even improve upon – existing news brands and reach out to new consumers with living, breathing real-time content. Just because print circulations are declining does not mean there are fewer news consumers. In fact, just the opposite is true.” (http:⁄⁄www.comscore.com⁄Press_Events⁄Press_Releases⁄2008⁄03⁄Younger_News_Consumers_Less_Likely_to_Read_Print_Newspapers)

If printed news circulation ⁄ readership is down, and online news consumption is climbing, where are readers accessing their news today? According to comScore’s 2009 report, although readership for printed news publications is down 9% from the past year ( -9.7 million people), the number of visitors to the online newspaper category is up only 5% (+3.2 million people) during the same period. At first glance, the rise in online readership does not make up for the decline. However, what was also observed by comScore, was that the number of readers of news content online has increased by 8.6 million people. Together, these data indicate that while some print newspaper readers now choose to read newspapers online, more people are simply switching to reading news online at non-traditional news sites. (Reference: http:⁄⁄blog.comscore.com⁄2009⁄07⁄print_newspapers_decline.html)

The “.新闻” TLD believes in being the home and platform where news readers would turn to for traditional as well as non-traditional news.

Business and Personal Broadcasts

Brands may use “品牌.新闻”and “产品.新闻” to convey the company’s latest press release or product offerings, to upkeep investor relations or to launch market awareness campaigns. By doing so the brand will be able to better retain customers, obtain comments, feedback and suggestions, and improve customer relations through their own “.新闻” platform rather than depend on other proprietary platforms.

Individuals may find the .新闻 TLD attractive for communicating personal announcements such as prenuptials, baby announcements, personal achievements, new-found hobbies or advancing careers.

The vision of the .新闻 TLD is that through the development of an open generic IDN namespace supporting the delivery of current and relevant news events online locally, nationally, regionally and globally from media outlets as well as non-media establishments, it could become a nucleus for news and mass communication activities, and a driver of economic and social value for news establishments and news consumers around the world.

The mission and purposes of the .新闻 TLD are:

1. To develop a namespace dedicated to the broadcasting of news online, and a platform that is meaningful to the news profession as well as governments, businesses, consumers and pro-sumers of news;

2. To foster and encourage an online space for contemporary mass communications and dialogue for news distribution, aggregation, syndication as well as personal broadcasts and more;

3. To operate a secure, stable, trusted and socially responsible IDN gTLD with a reputation as a reliable online destination for news on the Internet; and,

4. To serve the media community, including the traditional news establishments, non-traditional news establishments as well as other entities and individuals to convey new information and ideas to the world.

Based on the generic nature of the .新闻 IDN TLD, the Registry aspires to become the IDN of choice for news establishments (i.e. 时代. 新闻), broadcasting groups (i.e. BBC.新聞), businesses and individuals developing websites delivering currently new events, public announcements or sharing personal news (i.e. 微软.新闻 & 甄子丹.新聞).

In addition, to its mission and vision, as a new gTLD, the Registry believes in its responsibility as a responsible industry participant to advance competition, enhance consumer trust and promote consumer choice with the development of the TLD:

A. Advance Constructive Competition

As a keyword, generic IDN gTLD, .新闻 aspires to be the domain of choice for mass media corporations, broadcasting groups, online news magazine, entertainment establishments, sports publications as well as brands and individuals.

While it is anticipated that a number of proposed new TLDs will enhance competition by targeting existing domain registrations and penetrating into the existing marketplace with aims to switch away from or add to their existing domains. The Registry will position itself not only as an alternative to existing TLDs such as “.com”, “.asia” or “.mo”, but as a premier domain exploring new adoption, promoting innovation and usage of domain names in the marketplace. For example, the Registry believes in the prevalence search engine optimization value of providing registrants a larger footprint on the Internet that is relevant to the target market they serve. As such, the Registry believes in exploring new market segments rather than replicating existing zones. Nevertheless, as a financially prudent approach, our financial projections and plans, are conservatively based on existing market indicators.

B. Enhance Consumer Trust

Based on expert studies, Internet users have more trust for domain names that exactly matches what they are looking for This improves the relevance of services and content produced under the TLD and serves to enhance consumer trust.

The value of the TLD name in itself is therefore a core part of the value and of building consumer trust. News establishments can utilize a .新闻 domain to deliver local, regional or global news, on domains such as “亚洲.新闻”; while businesses can establish their own dedicated domain for news and press releases or keep investors updated on domains such as “IBM.新聞” instead of long URLs such as: http:⁄⁄www.ibm.com⁄news

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