18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.广东Xinhua News Agency Guangdong Branch 新华通讯社广东分社View

“Guangdong is a province on the South China Sea coast of the Peopleʹs Republic of China. The province was previously often written with the alternative English name Kwangtung Province. It surpassed Henan and Sichuan to become the most populous province in China in January 2005, registering 79 million permanent residents and 31 million migrants who lived in the province for at least six months of the year. The provincial capital Guangzhou and economic hub Shenzhen are amongst the most populous and important cities in China.

Since 1989 Guangdong has topped the total GDP rankings among all provincial-level divisions, with Jiangsu and Shandong second and third in rank. According to provincial annual preliminary statistics Guangdongʹs GDP in 2010 reached CNY 4,550 billion, or USD 689.02 billion, making its economy roughly the same size as that of Turkey or Indonesia. Guangdong has the fourth highest GDP per capita among all provinces of mainland China, after Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Liaoning. The province contributes approximately 12% of the PRCʹs national economic output, and is home to the production facilities and offices of a wide-ranging set of multinational and Chinese corporations. Guangdong also hosts the largest Import and Export Fair in China called the Canton Fair in Guangdongʹs capital city Guangzhou.”

“Guangdongʹs economic boom began with the early 1990s and has since spread to neighboring provinces, and also pulled their populations inward. The economic growth of Guangdong province owes much to the low-value added manufacturing which characterized (and in many ways still defines) the provinceʹs economy following Deng Xiaopingʹs reforms. Guangdong is not only Chinaʹs largest exporter of goods, it is the countryʹs largest importer as well.

The province is now one of the richest in the nation, with the most billionaires in mainland China, the highest GDP among all the provinces, although wage growth has only recently begun to rise due to a large influx of migrant workers from neighboring provinces. In 2011, Guangdongʹs aggregate nominal GDP reached 5.30 trillion RMB (US$838.60 billion) with a per capita GDP of 47,689 RMB. By 2015, the local government of Guangdong hopes that the service industry will account for more than 50% of the provinces GDP and high-tech manufacturing another 20%.”


It is with the vision of transforming Guangdong from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy based on service and high-tech industry that the premise of the .广东 TLD is built on.

The mission and purposes of the Registry are:

1. To operate the .广东 TLD Registry as a global namespace with the interests of the Guangdong community at heart;

2. To promote the adoption and development of advanced Internet technologies to complement the development and growth of the Guangdong province;

3. To develop the .广东 TLD Registry into an economically viable initiative with capabilities to contribute back to the local community; and,

4. To enhance the awareness and foster an elevated sense of identity and ownership of the Guangdong people in the development of a global internet resource dedicated to their interests, and in turn encourage the participation from Guangdong in the global Internet Governance discourse.

While the Registry understands that as simply a gTLD operator, it may not be able to significantly influence the advancement of the region, the Registry aspires to be a nucleus and breeding ground for innovation and development, especially in the leveraging of the power of the Internet to improve the social well being of the community.

In addition, to its mission and vision, as a new gTLD, the Registry believes in its responsibility as a responsible industry participant to advance competition, enhance consumer trust and promote consumer choice with the development of the TLD:

A. Advance Constructive Competition

The “.广东” TLD aspires to be the domain of choice for initiatives and entities coming from Guangdong as well as providing services for the Guangdong market. As a dedicated TLD for the Guangdong people, the Registry will position itself not only as an alternative to existing TLDs such as “.com”, “.asia” or “.中国” but as a premier domain exploring new markets and new adoption promoting innovation and usage of domain names in the marketplace. For example, while there has been recent reports downplaying the effect of search engine optimization in the use of TLDs, the Registry believes in the prevalence value providing registrants a larger footprint on the Internet that is relevant to the target market they serve. As such, the Registry, also reflected in our financial projections and plans, even though conservatively based on existing market, believe in exploring new market segments rather than replicating existing zones.

B. Enhance Consumer Trust

Based on expert research, users’ confidence and trust of a website is increased if the domain name matches with what they are searching for online. What that illustrates is the value of the name string itself in promoting Consumer Trust. The introduction of the “.广东” TLD would allow individuals and companies from Guangdong to express their offline identity online, as well as allow foreign companies interested to target their audience in Guangdong with a matching and friendly name. This improves the relevance of services and content produced under the TLD and serves to enhance consumer trust.

Furthermore the strong commitments of the Registry on abuse prevention and mitigation (#28), rights protection mechanisms (#29) and reserved names (especially geographical and governmental reserved names -- #22), is a clear indication of the dedication of the Registry to build a trustworthy environment for development. The technically sound implementation of that solidifies the security and stability of the registry further establishes its reliability and consumer trust to transact online.

Finally, social aspects of the TLD registry is also an important element to enhance consumer trust. The Registry believes that with the launching of the TLD, it is possible to better engage the local community and raise their awareness about Internet governance issues. This in turn encourages more from the community to participate in the global Internet governance discussions, including at ICANN, which ultimately enhances consumer trust in the system by making consumers aware that they themselves can participate in the development and establishment of global internet policies.

C. Promote Consumer Choice

The introduction of the TLD itself promotes consumer choice, allowing registrants to choose a name that best fits their need and to best reflect their offline identity online. The Registry intends to offer the TLD in an open global platform for anyone interested to invest into the Guangdong community. At the same time, this is balanced with a strong set of abuse prevention and rights protection mechanisms to ensure that the promotion of consumer choice does not compromise the security and stability of the Internet.

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