18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.CAPITALONECapital One Financial CorporationView

18.2 How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Capital One believes that the proposed .CAPITALONE gTLD has the potential to offer the following benefits to Internet users and consumers:

1) Establish a trusted source of information and an online marketplace for corporate and individual customers seeking to access Capital One’s financial goods and services online, for investors and third-parties seeking information, and for the general Internet user population;

2) Provide Capital One and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates with short and memorable domain names; provide increased ease of navigation to products, services, advertising campaigns, public interest content, public awareness initiatives, etc.;

3) Minimize the cost and need for defensive domain name registrations because domains within the .CAPITALONE gTLD will only be allocated to Capital One and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates; and

4) Develop a potential platform for the secure access to, and purchase and distribution of Capital One products, services, and information to consumers, in order to minimize the potential for infringing goods and services.

5) Through the adoption of new gTLDs by the wider Internet user community, consumers may benefit from lower incidents of phishing and malware often associated with mistypes of domain names in the .COM space that are owned by cybersquatters, since they will be navigating to domain names in the .CAPITALONE gTLD.

In addition, Capital One currently operates a number of corporate websites using a variety of top-level domain names. A representative sampling of Capital One websites that incorporate geographical identifiers into the domain name include:


Capital One believes that the .CAPITALONE gTLD can potentially provide an online single-source identifying function for current and future customers around the world, instead of the present mix and match approach.

18.2.1 What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of specialty, service levels, or reputation?

The primary mission and purpose of the .CAPITALONE gTLD is to provide a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive online marketplace for customers of Capital One’s financial products and services. As the technologies in the financial services industry have evolved, Capital One has continued to evaluate new opportunities to distribute its products and services, including via the Internet and mobile devices. Capital One believes that the .CAPITALONE gTLD has the potential to provide a virtual platform to offer interactive features in order to create a stronger relationship with existing and future customers.

Through the use of the .CAPITALONE gTLD, Capital One will be able to provide access to its products and online content in a namespace void of piracy, cybersquatting, and other malicious activities. Providing consumers with a safe experience is paramount to Capital One and the .CAPITALONE gTLD will be used to further that goal.

While financial institutions such as Capital One must fight a never-ending battle to protect their brand, products, and customers from piracy and malicious activities on the Internet, the .CAPITALONE gTLD has the potential to offer consumers a safe and intuitive means of accessing authorized Capital One content.

The following values are the driving force behind all aspects of Capital Oneʹs business and its corporate reputation:

Our People
Our people are our greatest asset. We were founded on the premise of ‘Hire Great People And Create An Environment Where They Can Be Great.’ We are committed to developing and growing employees at all levels in order to drive business results.

Our Culture
At the heart of our success is the Capital One culture. We provide our associates with a dynamic environment combined with two key values: ‘Excellence and Do the Right Thing.’ We take pride in encouraging our associates to think independently in a collaborative setting. Itʹs this type of innovative thinking that is a major part of our corporate growth as well as the overall success of Capital One.

Our Customers
Our customers expect great value and convenience every time they transact with Capital One on any product, anytime, anywhere. We are committed to delivering a great experience that meets our customers’ high expectations, whether they have a credit card or savings account, or connect with us through our website or in a branch.

18.2.2 What do you anticipate your proposed gTLD will add to the current space, in terms of competition, differentiation, or innovation?

As a brand gTLD, the primary driving factor behind .CAPITALONE is to provide a safe and secure online namespace for Capital Oneʹs corporate and individual customers. The success of .CAPITALONE will not be measured by the number of second-level domain names registered. Instead, it will be measured by the levels of consumer recognition and trust that are placed in the gTLD. Using this as a benchmark, Capital One will strive to build consumer recognition and trust that rise to the levels of those found in .EDU and .GOV.

As noted above, Capital One is a Fortune 500 Company and one of the top-ten largest banks in the United States based on deposits. It also has historically relied upon emerging technologies to deliver financial services to its customers both domestically and abroad. The .CAPITALONE gTLD has the potential to serve as a cornerstone of this online strategy, if the consumer benefits that ICANN has projected become a reality.

18.2.3 What goals does your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience?

Capital One believes that the .CAPITALONE gTLD has the potential to provide a single, trusted, ecosystem experience for its millions of consumers worldwide who use its financial products and services. In addition to providing consumers with short, memorable, and intuitive domain names to help customers navigate Capital One’s online content, the .CAPITALONE gTLD will indicate to consumers that domains and content are owned and controlled by Capital One, thereby demonstrating that they are safe from potential infringing, fraudulent, or harmful content.

18.2.4 Provide a complete description of the applicant’s intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above.

As documented in Section 18.1, Capital One intends to restrict registration and use of domain names with the .CAPITALONE gTLD to Capital One and its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates. Because of this condition precedent, any registration and use requirements are more appropriately vested in these corporate⁄subsidiary agreements and not in a domain name registration agreement. Because the Capital One mark is a valuable brand whose protection is of paramount importance, any registration and use provisions (e.g., trademark quality control provisions) must vest in these other agreements.

Notwithstanding these concerns, Capital One will incorporate all required ICANN consensus policies and other legal⁄policy requirements imposed on new gTLD applicants into the terms and conditions of the domain name registration agreement that each of its qualified subsidiaries and affiliates will execute.

18.2.5 Will your proposed gTLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users? If so, please describe any such measures.

As a global financial services company, Capital One employs a variety of physical, electronic, contractual, and managerial safeguards to protect personal and confidential information in its stores and on its websites. Capital One will take similar precautions to protect registrant and user data associated with the .CAPITALONE gTLD. Furthermore, due to the fact that every domain name will initially be registered to Capital One or a qualified subsidiary or affiliate, Capital One will be able to ensure that accurate and current domain name information is readily available in connection with each .CAPITALONE domain name.

Capital One will ensure that the operation of the .CAPITALONE gTLD will be consistent with Capital One’s Privacy Practices Statement, available here: http:⁄⁄www.capitalone.com⁄protection⁄privacy⁄privacy_practices_english.php.

In addition, Capital One intends to incorporate contractual language in its Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) modeled after language that has been included in the template Registry Agreement and which has been successfully utilized by existing ICANN gTLD Registry Operators. Specifically, Capital One shall notify Registrar of the purposes for which personal data submitted to Registry Operator by Registrar is collected, the intended recipients (or categories of recipients) of such personal data, and the mechanism for access to, and correction of, such personal data. Capital One shall take reasonable steps to protect personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Capital One shall not use or authorize the use of personal data in a way that is incompatible with the notice provided to registrars. Capital One may from time to time use the demographic data collected for statistical analysis, provided that this analysis will not disclose individual personal data and provided that such use is compatible with the notice provided to registrars regarding the purpose and procedures for such use.

18.2.6 Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve your projected benefits.

While Capital One sees the potential for this gTLD to serve as a cornerstone for its future online strategic initiatives, there are a number of unanswered questions concerning consumer recognition, the adoption of new gTLDs, and the response from search engines in the marketplace that will influence the usage of the gTLD and communication about that usage.

Capital One plans to carefully review the release of new gTLDs by others, the response from search engines to branded gTLDs, as well as consumer perception. As the marketplace evolves, Capital One will invest in outreach and communication as needed to ensure that its consumers, partners, and affiliates continue to interact with Capital One content in a simplified and efficient manner.

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