18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameDetail
.barclaysBarclays Bank PLCView

GOALS OF THE .barclays TLD

The following goals have been identified as goals of the .barclays TLD:



One of the goals of the .barclays TLD is to develop the reputation of being the authoritative point-of-reference for Barclays Bank online, which consumers and Internet users will intuitively navigate to and trust.

Barclays Bank PLC (herein referred to as ‘Barclays Bank’) plans to request an exemption pursuant to clause 6 from clause 1(b) of the Registry Operator Code of Conduct (Specification 9) to enable it to register domain names in its own right in this TLD. Registrations will not be made commercially available; all domain name registrations in the TLD will be registered to and maintained by Barclays Bank for its own exclusive use. Barclays Bank will not sell, distribute or transfer control or use of any registration in the TLD to any third party that is not an Affiliate, as that term is defined in clause 2.9(c) of the Registry Agreement.

It is thus planned that the TLD will be operated and controlled by Barclays Bank; as such, it will leverage the power of the Barclays brand to promote .barclays as the single point-of-reference for Barclays Bank online. The .barclays TLD will reduce confusion for Internet users and also reduce the likelihood of their detriment from interacting with online entities that falsely or fraudulently purport to either represent Barclays Bank or impersonate Barclays Bank online. Users will therefore have confidence that .barclays namespace content is genuine and legitimate. Barclays Bank will ensure that the content of the .barclays namespace conforms to well-defined terms of use and registration in clearly drafted, easily accessible Internet policies, particularly as these impact upon the broader financial services sector in which Barclays Bank operates.

This goal to be an authoritative TLD will be achieved by ensuring all registrations and content is strictly authorised and controlled by Barclays Bank immediately upon delegation of the TLD.

A benefit for Barclays Bank will be the strengthening of its Barclays brand via the provision of a coherent, brand-specific information channel and a reduction in the risk of consumers being misled by unauthorised or infringing content. Having this authoritative TLD will create an Internet ‘lighthouse’ that clearly displays to consumers and Internet users without doubt that its websites and all content are approved by Barclays Bank.

Such an authoritative TLD may deliver financial benefits to Barclays Bank by potentially reducing the need for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) costs due to marketing spend and labour not being devoted to this activity. In addition, costs related to the maintenance of defensive domain name registrations to protect the brand in various TLDs will, over time, be reduced.

Consumers will benefit by having certainty that all content within the .barclays TLD is authorised and company-approved. Within a single TLD, visitors to .barclays domain names will access information about Barclays Bank and its products and services, as designated by clear, logical domain names. The added confidence inherent in Barclays Bank being the only possible registrant will ensure a direct and trusted line of communication between consumers and Barclays Bank. Internet users can be assured that any information they access within the .barclays TLD is legitimate and supported by the reputation of the brand.

The .barclays TLD will also benefit the Internet, e-commerce and online communities by generating trust around the reputability of online content. It is in the interest of Barclays Bank, its customers and the wider financial services sector to ensure that the .barclays TLD remains true to its mission and purpose.

Surveys will be conducted by the Barclays Bank to assess a site user’s experience, alongside assessment of the authority and suitability of the information that .barclays conveys. This goal will be considered achieved when survey responses in a reporting cycle reveal a positive, trusting experience in using .barclays websites.


Following the introduction of the .barclays TLD, efforts will shift to focusing on migrating content from the existing domain name portfolio to the .barclays TLD. This will begin to build the reputation of the TLD in the marketplace and the Barclays brand. External Barclays Bank marketing campaigns will include the .barclays TLD and drive traffic to .barclays websites.

Brand building will be achieved through the organic usage and replacement of the existing domain name portfolio and incorporation of .barclays into existing global and directed marketing in order to influence consumers. Once established, the TLD’s reputation will serve as a springboard for efforts to promote the TLD, facilitating its mission⁄purpose.

The promotion of .barclays-based websites will also provide an efficient marketing model that encompasses both brand and product. This is a far more efficient marketing approach than that currently employed usage of existing TLDs and ccTLDs which are neither product or brand-related.

Barclays Bank will benefit from its internal departments registering, via an ICANN-accredited Registrar, valuable brand and business supportive domain names. These domain name registrations will be used to represent Barclays Bank products and services as well as key Barclays Bank strategic initiatives and mission⁄purpose of the .barclays TLD. Clear benefits arise from being able to maintain a more easily marketable online identity.

A website under the .barclays TLD will assure Internet users that they are accessing authoritative and reliable Barclays Bank information. As such, it is anticipated that more traffic will be directed to sites within the .barclays TLD and away from unreliable and illegitimate websites purporting to provide information relating to Barclays Bank products and services.

Surveys will be conducted to measure the impact of the introduction of the .barclays TLD against the existing domain name portfolio. Visit metrics will be utilised to measure the volume of traffic on .barclays websites and compared to traffic data of the current Barclays domain name portfolio.


Ensuring that the .barclays TLD is controlled by Barclays Bank is an additional goal which derives from the nature of Barclays Bank’s business. It is imperative from the point of view of security, consumer trust and legitimacy that the .barclays TLD be controlled by no party other than Barclays Bank. Any other outcome could have dire effects on consumer trust in Barclays Bank and the broader online banking sector.

This goal will be achieved when the TLD is delegated for use by ICANN and the internal policies described in this application are in place to control the registration and use of domain names. As mentioned above, this creates numerous benefits to Barclays Bank, its consumers and the wider Internet community.

Many benefits are similar to the above statements around trust and genuine content, but in addition to these, in meeting this goal of control, the Barclays Bank sees additional benefits such as:


As the Registry Operator, Barclays Bank will benefit from having ultimate control of the TLD and the policy that underpins it. This will enable policy to be developed that serves the mission and purpose of the TLD but, at the same time, allows it to adapt to support the business’s future direction on the Internet.

Being in control of the TLD gives Barclays Bank the comfort of knowing any future products or services will have a dedicated, easily identifiable and locatable TLD to reside in. It provides Barclays Bank with a platform from which to innovate or adapt to any changes in Internet policy or best practice. Being in control of the TLD also gives Barclays Bank the ability to change direction and approach, quickly and in line with its current goals and policies.


Being in control of the .barclays TLD will enable Barclays Bank to register Barclays-related domains names without the need to compete within other TLDs and ccTLDs. The TLD will allow key products and marketing campaigns to be supported by shorter and more relevant domains names that are easy to remember. Thus, consumers and Internet users will be able to intuitively navigate and find relevant domains names which are authoritative and originating only from Barclays Bank.

As also mentioned above, surveys will be used to measure user experience and determine that the goal of control has been met.


Another goal of the TLD is to promote and identify Barclays Bank as a leader in innovation and online content. Through the .barclays TLD, Barclays Bank will create a platform by which it can lead innovation in online branding, marketing initiatives and information delivery.

An additional benefit to Barclays Bank will be in furthering its existing reputation as a global leader of the financial services industry. The intrinsic relationship between Barclays Bank and the Barclays brand will serve to enhance both brands simultaneously.

Success will be achieved by maintaining viable and up-to-date content about Barclays Bank products, whilst using the TLD as an innovative marketing and communications tool. As Internet usage evolves and new TLDs emerge, Barclays Bank aspires to be a leader in this new era of Internet development.

Visit metrics and survey results will be used to measure how many visits are recorded against the site and the perception of Barclays Bank in terms of industry leadership.



A goal of the .barclays TLD is to make information about Barclays Bank accessible and easily-locatable online. . The .barclays TLD will facilitate readily available and easily accessible information about Barclays Bank products and services by offering a controlled, centralised location for information and services related to Barclays Bank. This goal is underpinned by the authority, reliability and trustworthiness of the information provided in this centralised location.

Barclays Bank will benefit from having a cohesive and dedicated online space serving as a digital hub for all Barclays Bank activities on the Internet and supporting the global reach of Barclays Bank’s business. As previously stated, this may potentially reduce the costs of SEO and reduce company-related expenditure on marketing.

Consumers will benefit from the naming conventions employed in the .barclays TLD which will reflect, for example, a core aspect of Barclays Bank’s business (bankaccounts.barclays and homeinsurance.barclays). The clear, concise and relevant naming convention will enable a better user experience for consumers. It will also contribute significantly to reducing confusion. The .barclays TLD will provide for intuitive navigation.

Surveys will be conducted to assess a site user’s experience and the ease of accessing .barclays TLD websites. Visit metrics will be utilised to measure the volume of traffic on .barclays websites, where the traffic has originated from and where it is being directed to. This will be compared to traffic data of the current domain name portfolio and analysed for performance.


A goal of the TLD is to encourage competition on the Internet. In creating the .barclays TLD, Barclays Bank hopes to drive innovation and consumer trust not only within the financial services industry, but across the Internet as a whole. Having already demonstrated this innovation and leadership in its industry, Barclays Bank hopes to expand that leadership by providing Internet users, as well as existing and potential customers, greater levels of service through the .barclays TLD. Barclays Bank’s innovation and the increase in service level and trust in the TLD will promote greater competition on the Internet and motivate others within the financial services sector to increase overall levels of service.

While domain names will not be commercially available in this TLD and thus will not provide greater availability of names to the general public, the .barclays TLD will create new registration opportunities for Barclays Bank that do not currently exist. Consumers and other internet users will benefit from the increase in service levels that result.


The .barclays TLD will make a significant contribution to the current space in the following ways:

The TLD primarily differs from existing TLDs in relation to its unique mission⁄purpose to promote the Barclays brand. No other TLD currently exists that is specifically devoted to the needs of a single brand or company. The .barclays TLD will be one of the first TLDs added to the root in which a single brand’s digital operations and image are communicated through the TLD via an authoritative channel. Benefits are even greater in the context of the .barclays TLD because of the role of trust, legitimacy and authority in Barclays Bank’s business.

The unique planned operating model of the .barclays TLD, in which domain names will not be commercially available but rather only registered by and in the complete control of the Registry Operator, will bring added benefits to the DNS by preventing abuse and infringement, thus contributing to the development of a new level of trust and confidence on the Internet. The significance of these attributes to Barclays Bank’s business cannot be overstated.

The use of an authoritative space will help to reduce and eventually eliminate domain names registered for the purposes of infringing Barclays’ trademarks. When end users are educated as to the benefits of the .barclays TLD, reliance on vast portfolios of defensive domain name registrations may be less warranted going forward.

While existing TLDs often apply to diverse and broad markets with no limit on or control over the number of domain name registrations, the .barclays TLD will be differentiated by having a concentrated number of domain names all within the strict, exclusive control of Barclays Bank. This makes the TLD more usable and convenient than existing TLDs; users searching for content related to Barclays Bank will be easily and unambiguously directed to that content.

With clear restrictions placed on registrations, their use and content, the .barclays TLD will distinguish itself as a TLD with an online brand identity reflecting the unique, globally recognised and trusted Barclays brand.

Websites within other TLDs providing illegitimate, fraudulent information relating to Barclays Bank will be easily identifiable, as they will not carry a .barclays Top Level Domain name. This will reduce unauthorised, fraudulent, illegitimate and infringing Barclays Bank-related content provided by parties other than Barclays Bank.


All domain names registered within the .barclays TLD will be registered and maintained by Barclays Bank for the exclusive use of the Barclays Bank, its internal departments and its Affiliates (as defined in Article 2.9(c) of the Registry Agreement). Barclays Bank will not sell, distribute or transfer the control or use of any registration within the TLD to any third party that is not an Affiliate of Barclays Bank. All domain names will be registered via an ICANN-accredited Registrar.

Departments within the Barclays Bank will be able to request to register .barclays domain names that reflect Barclays Bank-related activities, products, services and other initiatives. The registration policy in this TLD will require that domain names registered within the .barclays TLD further the published strategic goals of Barclays Bank.

The authority to register domain names will be vested in a limited number of Barclays Bank staff members. A Marketing Manager within Barclays Bank will be responsible for pre-approving all domain names before their registration. This staff member will perform a monthly audit of all domain name transactions to verify that they were authorised and that the use of domain names complies with the .barclays Acceptable Registration and Use Policy. The Marketing Manager will additionally conduct internal information sessions to improve awareness of the threat of domain name hijacking and fraud as well as raising awareness of the Acceptable Registration and Use Policy.

Safeguards against allowing for unauthorised or infringing domain name registrations and abusive uses of domain name registrations are discussed in detail in the responses to Question 28 and Question 29. Given the importance of trust and confidence to Barclays Bank’s business, a zero tolerance policy will be adopted as regards abusive registrations.
These restrictions underpin the achievement of the goals of the .barclays TLD, in particular enhancing trust in the interaction between Internet users and Barclays Bank.


All domain name registrations in the .barclays TLD will be registered to and maintained by Barclays Bank for its own exclusive internal use. No measures are considered needed for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants in the .barclays TLD because no information of a private nature will be collected during the registration process.

The Barclays Bank will not distribute or transfer control or use of domain name registrations in the TLD to any third party that is not an Affiliate (as defined in clause 2.9(c) of the Registry Agreement). As a result, measures to protect the privacy or confidential information of users of domain name registrations are also not considered required.

Use of domain names must conform to the robust Acceptable Registration and Use Policy provided in the answer to Question 28.


Outreach and communication activities for the .barclays TLD will be conducted in two streams, below the line (closed and directed) marketing and above the line (public) initiatives.

The first stream will focus on internal communications, which will be directed towards internal departments and Affiliates of Barclays Bank. The purpose of this outreach will be to communicate the introduction of the new TLD and the opportunities it presents. It is envisaged that this will be carried out and implemented through internal communiqués, email communications from the marketing department and speaking opportunities at company sanctioned events.

The second stream will focus on launching the new TLD externally. This will be executed via an initial awareness campaign involving advertising and public relations activity. This campaign will be designed to notify and educate target audiences and customer groups on the introduction of .barclays and the benefits of security, legitimacy, authority, ease of use and convenience of accessing Barclays Bank-related information exclusively through this TLD. Additionally, the .barclays TLD will be introduced as the primary online destination for high profile advertising activity within pre-selected market and geographic segments. This will drive end-user utilisation and begin the process of behavioural change within the target audience.

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