18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.nrwMinds + Machines GmbHView

.NRW will be of high social and economic relevance for the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, and hence create value for the state’s strong economy and population. It will also provide transparency for Internet users about .NRW domain holders’ relationship to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The .NRW top-level domain will create a common online identity for North Rhine-Westphalia and its metropolitan regions and large cities, whilst promoting the state in a positive manner.

The implementation and operation of the .NRW top-level domain will take place in accordance and cooperation with government of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia fully supports the implementation and operation of the .NRW top-level domain. The government, like us, strongly believes in the benefits of the .NRW top-level domain, for the population as well as the economy of North Rhine-Westphalia. Therefore the government endorses our application to manage and operate the .NRW top-level domain in all respects. The implementation of the .NRW top-level domain shall be carried out in close cooperation with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Over the past decade, the market for domain name registrations has grown at a tremendous pace. From 2000 to 2010 domain name registrations increased from 40 million to 200 million domain names registered globally. 2011 experienced a growth of approximately 9%, significantly higher than the previous year’s 6% growth, ending third quarter 2011 with approximately 220 million domain names registered globally. Approximately 60% of these are gTLDs, while the remaining 40% are comprised of ccTLDs. More specifically, gTLD growth was approximately 8% in 2011, while ccTLD growth exceeded 11%.

Taking into account the new opportunities available with new gTLDs, growth is expected to continue in all sections of the domain name industry. It will allow registrants to reach more targeted audiences and increase their web presence. Additionally, it will allow registrants to more closely identify with a particular market segment.

Existing TLDs, such as .COM and .NET, do not provide adequate solutions for many registrants. Domain names that relate to the registrants’ business, interests, or associations are often already registered, priced exorbitantly high, or available options are unsuitable. Additionally, other options, such as ccTLDs, do not provide adequate alternatives, as a registrant may not have any geographic relation or meet the criteria associated with other gTLDs such as .MUSEUM or .AERO. Therefore, the only available opportunity to pursue a relevant and useful domain name registration may be through a brand new registration of a gTLD.

At present, no specific NRW domain name, or useful top-level alternative domain name, exists for the people, organizations and businesses that associate themselves with North Rhine-Westphalia, or people, organizations and business that want to communicate with them. Those wanting a domain name that indicates some level of association with or recognition of North Rhine-Westphalia could seek a second level domain name such as “.COM,” “.DE” or “.INFO,” but such domain (or similar names) are not readily available under the limited number of existing gTLDs, and more importantly only provide a secondary (at best) or weak (at worst) relationship between the domain name and North Rhine-Westphalia, which we believe would be the primary goal of registrants of such North Rhine-Westphalia-related names. From a competitive perspective, registrants that want a domain name that effectively and efficiently shows an association with North Rhine-Westphalia, or registrants that want a domain name that allows them to identifiably communicate with people who associate or identify with North Rhine-Westphalia, face a domain name marketplace that provides them with few if any options for their purposes. The .NRW top-level domain will resolve this problem by providing registrants with an efficient, effective, prominent, instantly understood way of showing their association with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and provide those registrants who desire it a domain that can effectively communicate information to Internet users in an identifiable way, while at the same time providing competition with the existing TLDs and new gTLDs that will be approved by ICANN, thereby increasing consumer choice.

We believe that the .NRW top-level domain will add significantly to the competition and differentiation in the top-level domain space, both for registrants and Internet consumers. With respect to competition, registrants are presently extremely limited in their choice of domain names that allow them to efficiently and effectively associate themselves with North Rhine-Westphalia. The availability of useful, effective, straight-forward domain names on existing top-level domains, such as .COM, .NET and .ORG, are few and far between, or may be for sale at prices that are out of reach for most. .NRW will allow registrants to obtain useful, effective, straight-forward domain names rather than be forced to purchase, for example, their fifth, sixth or even later choice .COM or .NET name, which may well barely relate to the registrant’s purpose or use of the domain name and⁄or may be confusingly similar with numerous other .COM or .NET domain names. In addition, some existing generic top-level domain names, though newer, such as .XXX, may be inappropriate for most registrants for content associational reasons, while country-code top-level domains, though numerous, are not useful or appropriate for many registrants for geographical associational reasons. Thus, .NRW will increase competition for registrants that are from or have a relationship to North Rhine-Westphalia who want a domain name that clearly, effectively and efficiently associates them with North Rhine-Westphalia for their domain name purposes as well as for those registrants who want to reach Internet users who identify with North Rhine-Westphalia.

.NRW will also increase pricing competition in the top-level domain name space by assuring that .NRW domain names are priced at levels that are appropriate to the vast majority of potential registrants to whom .NRW is targeted.

Internet consumers benefit from this increase in competition, as less confusing .NRW domain names will make it easier for them to know that the owner of the second-level domain name is from or with a relationship to North Rhine-Westphalia.

Likewise, .NRW will significantly help increase differentiation in the top-level domain space. Existing leading generic top-level domains names, such as .COM, .NET and .ORG no longer require and no longer represent any real differentiation in association, purpose or content. Newer top level domains, such as .XXX, .AERO and .MUSEUM, do represent differentiation, but are either inappropriate or unavailable to most prospective registrants at whom .NRW is targeted. .NRW will further increase differentiation by allowing registrants to be associated, and consumers to know that the registrant is associated with North Rhine-Westphalia.

The goal of .NRW is to provide users with a top-level domain name that easily allows them to recognize that the registrant seeks to have its second-level domain name (and content) associated with North Rhine-Westphalia. We believe this will be of substantial benefit to the Internet user community, as it will allow them to more easily and more readily understand the purpose or motives of the registrant’s website or email, allowing for better, more efficient and more effective use of their time online.

Outreach to targeted potential registrants will be important to .NRW achieving its projected benefits by allowing it to cost-effectively and quickly market to the most likely potential registrants, and to promote the ways in which .NRW will allow them to associate themselves with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and how their association with .NRW helps further their interest and that of North Rhine Westphalia. To achieve this outreach, we intend to leverage our existing relationships with groups with an association with North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as engage in advertising, promotion, social media outreach, and other methods of reaching potential registrants, that are from have a relationship with North Rhine-Westphalia. .NRW believes that outreach to people and organizations that already identify with North Rhine-Westphalia will give it the best chance of launching the top-level domain as strongly as possible, giving it the best chance of long-term viability, and thus the best chance of providing its projected benefits to registrants of a positive association with North Rhine-Westphalia, while at the same time promoting North Rhine-Westphalia.

Communications will help .NRW keep in touch with its registrants, to understand how they would like to see .NRW develop, and to understand how we can improve our policies, registration rules, or other aspects of our operations or administration.

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